More Manipulation

More Manipulation

When will it ever stop?  When Bernanke, Geithner and Obama are kicked out of office I guess?

You know, when I said on Monday that I expected Tuesday and Wednesday to go up because of the POMO money, I never expected such a strong rally.  The government continues to manipulate this market making charting about useless sometimes.

At the end of the day Monday we had a bear flag form, which usually plays out… but not with POMO money the next day.  So now that the money is gone, and Thursday and Friday are left to stand on their own… without government interference, will the market fall?

I just don’t know at this point?  They managed to reset most of the shorter term charts to a bullish alignment.  Only the longer term charts are still bearish.  But, with the government controlling the data released this Friday, I just don’t know what to expect?  Do they plan to surprise everyone and release numbers that will cause the market to tank, or will they push it up or sideways for another week?

As much as I’d like to stay that it’s going to tank on Friday, deep down I know that “they” have the ability to keep it up for a long as they want too.  It seems they have an unlimited supply of Viagra, and nothing is going to stop them from continuing to push it up higher.

It really gets too me when so many traders are losing money on what should be a “simple trade”, that is manipulated by the gangsters at the Federal Reserve to steal their money.  There is just NO logical reasoning for the rally we had yesterday and today.  It’s 100% manipulation!

So just how do you play it?  You can’t go long at this point, as I truly believe this rally is now 99% done… and who’s crazy enough to try and play that last 1%?  When this thing finally rolls over, it’s going to wipe out a months’ worth of gains in one or two days… just like the flash crash did!

I don’t know what else to say other then to expect some “event” to happen soon, which will be blamed for the coming crash.  I don’t know “when”, as they seem to be able to push a string up hill successfully… a feat that I’ve never seen done.  But, they are in the driver’s seat right now, and it’s going to crash when they are ready.

Maybe it will start this Friday as I expected, with the non-farm payroll report (or something else?), or maybe they push it out to next week, but everything tells me it’s coming this month.  Those larger time frame charts, like the weekly and daily, are much harder to reset then the 60, 30, 15, 10, and 5 minute charts.

Could they do it?  Yeah, they could I guess… after all, Goldman Sachs is doing “God’s Work”.  So printing more monopoly money, and manipulating the market for another week, month, year, or forever is totally possible with God on your side.

Sorry gang, I’m just working off some steam writing tonight.  I’m just sick of this manipulation.  I just want to have all the gangsters lined up and shot, as they are destroying America!  Every dollar I have in my pocket is now worth about 50% less then it was just 3-5 years ago.

You can’t find any combo meal at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc… for $5 bucks or less anymore.  It’s about $8-$10 dollars for anything worth buying.  It’s all because of the government banksters/gangsters manipulating the dollar down.

On top of that, my electric company just increased the electric bill 12%!  My bill was $360.00 last month, and now they are raising it another 12% on top that!  It was only about $250.00 as little as 3 years ago… man that ticks me off!  I just need a place to vent out my frustrations, so this blog is about the only place I can do it.

Beating my head on the wall hurts too much, so I’ll leave that to the younger and dumber males out there.  I’ll just sit back and enjoy this cheap beer, and let my finger type out my anger about life right now.  Besides, it’s a lot less painful then beating on something… LOL

Ok, back to the markets…

The weekly, daily and 60 minute charts are ready to roll over, but the 30 and 15 minute chart are ready to go up… which would fulfill the bull flag left on the charts today.  That means another push up in the morning from those shorter time frame charts would be attempted.

But, the longer term charts, which are more powerful, should put enough downward pressure to stop an large move up… especially since we don’t have anymore POMO money tomorrow.  Now, once the 30 and 15 go positive and get overbought (which should be the first half of the day) the rest of the day could have some selling?  I say “could”, because the gangsters can work off the charts if they want too?

I just don’t know what they have planned?  If they have this Friday planned as the start of the crash, then it will certainly surprise about every bear out there.  I have too admit that even I’m starting to believe that it will never come, as the manipulation is just too great to over come.

It seems that no about of negative news, negative divergence, overbought charts, extremely bullish sentiment, or (insert whatever here) will bring this market down.  It’s a zombie bull… somebody shoot it in the head!

That’s enough rambling gang, good luck to everyone…