QE2 Day Is Finally Here

QE2 Day Is Finally Here

Wednesday update…

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3hIjgtsKbc )

I decided to do a second video update, as a gap up over the 1215-1220 area isn’t looking likely right now.  More important data has been sent to me.  Please read this release by Half Past Humans, as the timeline has been moved up to November 5th (from the 8th), and extended to November 14th (was the 11th).

Also, watch the youtube video by Lindsey Williams (part 1 of 6).  Folks, too many people are all saying the same thing right now… which is that the time period we are about to go into next week will start a horrible sell off in the market, possibly caused by some “false flag” event.  It will likely be 10-1000 times greater then the 911 event, and the “Tipping Point” is November 14th!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U9GGpReZLM)

From all the evidence I put up on my weekend post, and all this new evidence… from different sources, something bad is coming I do believe.  Just be very careful, as if it does happen, then stocking up on 6 months of food and water might be a good idea after all.



The day the market has been waiting on is less the 24 hours away now.  What will happen?  Will the market start a new rally and go up another 600 point on the Dow and hit our DIA 118.16 FP?  Or is that print for next year, and instead the market rolls over into a nice correction/crash?

With the market so close to that upside FP, I wish it would just go up there and get it over with, as I like to start heading down toward the other FP at Dow 8300 before I grow old and die waiting.  I honestly don’t know what is going to play out?  It really does depend on how much the QE2 is?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF_gFv3cvFc)

If they promise way more then the market expects, a rally from hell could squeeze every last bear out of existence.  So expect the “unexpected”… meaning that if everyone is looking for a huge sell off, then maybe we just keep on heading north and fool the sheep again.

While everything I see, hear, and read points to at least a correction, if not a crash… that might not come until that upside FP is hit?  That means we could rally tomorrow, Thursday and Friday… and if they squeeze hard, I think they can hit it by Monday.

Of course that’s really asking for a miracle for the bulls, as blasting past that double top resistance at 1215 isn’t likely something that can be done on the first attempt.  Many days of consolidation are usually needed, before a successful pierce of the resistance line.

Lot at how long we have been hammer away at the current resistance range of 1185-1195… 7 days now!  While we’ll likely breakout of it tomorrow, running through 1215 in one day is extremely unlikely.  Which means that we should at least see a nice pullback before attempting to breakthrough it again.

Now, I personally still think that we are going to have a big correction (50-100 points) next week.  While I’m hoping that we don’t get another false flag event, if we do… the you can throw “correction” out the door and get used too the word “crash” again!

I had the chance to listen to the entire 2 hour audio called “The Waterman Files” that Pzy5t0 emailed me.  It’s one scary broadcast, and should be listened too… before this week is over!  If you haven’t done so already, you need to make it a priority and listen too it asap.  (To download it and use RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen, just “right click and save as” this link: http://reddragonleo.com/ArgusoogRadio-20101029-TheWatermanFiles.mp3)

Also, in the video I talk about Ben Fulford and David Wilcock.  The link to that article is here: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?7635-Ben-Fulford-Blogs-David…&s=9184d0534376f0d6e860a578952ae62f

Ok, as for tomorrow, Fed days are almost always bullish… but the day after is another story.  Trying to figure out which direction the market will break to first is about as easy to do as calling heads or tail, so you might just wait until the close at 4 pm to go short (assuming we rally up to hit a double top at 1215 area?).

Of course this could be the one time the market just sells off on the news and never looks back?  Hard too say?  But that audio broadcast speaks of the November 8th-11th as a pivot point of major importance.  Could we have a false flag over the weekend while all the sheep are stuck long after a surprise “more then expected” QE2 short squeeze rally?

It’s very possible, so be very careful tomorrow as there should be at least one more bear squeeze before this week is over.  And since tomorrow is the QE2 day, with jobs data out on Thursday and Friday, I’d expect the high to be put in tomorrow.

There is also the FP of 1160 spx that Anna caught after the bell today.  That could be the target for Thursday or Friday?  A move up to around the 1215 level, and then back down to 1160 by Friday could easily happen.  At that point I’m not sure, as I’d need to see the damage done on the charts.

It’s all just speculation at this point.  I’d just listen to that audio if I were you… and pray they are wrong!