Ready To Double Or Triple Your Money In The Stock Market?

Ready To Double Or Triple Your Money In The Stock Market?

Looks Like The Top Is Likely In Now And On Another Eleven Day…

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You’ve heard that one before I’m sure… right?

(sidenote: I removed the previous video as I may have said too much.  You will still be emailed before a big move happens though, which should be later now and not on Tuesday)

What I’m talking about isn’t shorting the S&P500 or going long it, but instead getting shares in a penny stock company that is going to start it’s rise next week.  Today it’s probably at the lowest point it will ever be at, and from here on out I expect to see it rise in share price to levels that are going to make you feel like you bought shares of Microsoft back in the early 80’s!  Yes, it’s that BIG!

While I stated in a previous post that I’ll be giving you some penny stocks to make money on by getting shares in them before a marketing campaign starts to promote them (which should cause most of them to double your money on), the time isn’t right yet for that to start.  I’m still working with my source on this and plan to have some steady (and accurate) picks early next year after the holiday’s are over with.  So while this company I’m talking about now is currently a penny stock, (and one that I expect will double here very soon) it’s not the same kind of company that I’ll be giving you picks on in the near future.

This company is one that you can retire on by just buying all you can and stuffing it under your mattress for a few years.  In fact I expect a huge move up on them once one of the 3 projects they start working on in April/May of 2013 produces the expected results… which should happen well before the end of that year.  Once that “event” happens it will get a lot of news coverage and the share price should look something like a hockey stick move up!

But on the short term my source just told me late Sunday night (12/02/2012) that he expects a move up to start this coming Tuesday.  So basically, you only have one day to get some shares in this company at this low price.  That date is Monday, December the 3rd.  After that we could easily see a run up to double the share price within a few days from the good news I’ve just been told.  Now I know this isn’t my usual type of post but I’m trying to help everyone out by giving them something that actually will make them a bunch of money for once, instead of the usual doom and gloom story.

You could cash out in a few days when it rockets up from the news, or hold it for a longer period for more huge gains.  Of course it will have it’s up’s and down’s over the coming years but I kid you not… this company has the ability to have a share price like Microsoft, Apple or Google over the coming years.  And yes, this stock will still rise even when and if the stock market crashes in 2013.  In fact, this type of company usually does better when the overall market is selling off.  You might say that’s it’s recession proof, and soars when the rest of the market tanks.

I’m only going to give you the complete details and the name of the company (with the stock symbol of course) through email as I want to help out those loyal followers of my site first.  You will have one day only to buy shares at the current level.  Then Tuesday I’m expecting the news to be leaked out (can’t tell you the news) which will cause a bunch of new buyers to flock in and cause the price to go up.  If you miss this run up don’t worry as I fully expect this company to continue rising all of next year too.

I will put out an email Monday with all the details on the stock with the symbol as well.  If you are not on my email list you will miss out on an easy profit.  Just join the list on the right sidebar here on my site and you will get the message.


Moving on to the stock market…

I see a few more days of up movement before this pig rolls over.  As crazy as this sounds they could actually take it up to the 1435 area on the ES and the 1440 area on the SPX.  I’m looking at the best case scenario here for the bulls as my gut thinks it will fall a little short and only hit around 1430 on the ES, or around 1434 on the SPX.  Since Monday’s are typically slow days as traders drag themselves back to work I’m thinking that it will be a small up day with Tuesday being the large up day.   (could have that backwards too, but the result is the same… up).

By Wednesday I think the market will top out with a “topping tail” candle that touches that 1430-1435 range on the ES and/or SPX.  Always remember that “they” are masters at tricking us sheep and will do what we least expect them to do.  So, while the downward sloping trendline on the SPX is coming in around 1443-1444 and 1436 on the ES, they might not go up that high?  We all know that there will of course be lots of bears waiting there to get short.  You will also notice that there is a nice triple top area around 1430 on the ES and 1435 on the SPX, which is another logical place for the bears to be waiting to get short.

So, you’ll have 2 levels of bears waiting to get short at.  One from the triple top and the other from the slightly higher “downward sloping” trendline.  Which one will they stop at?  Tough question there really.  With that in mind I’d come just a hair under both of those levels if I were SkyNet and not allow those bears to get filled on those shorts.  I’d make them chase it down as I panicked the bulls out of their longs.  This would imply a move that is kept under 1425 ES and about 1427 SPX.

Too me that levels seems to close and could easily be hit Monday morning at the open.  If that is all she has then we could rollover after that and continue down all week long.  Monday is another ritual “eleven” day and they do tend to put in important tops on those days (not always of course).  This is going to be more about where the charts are on Monday to see if they can push it up further or not.  I’d like to see one more push up to that 1435 area on the ES to tag that downward sloping trendline but I’m not sure if we are going to get it or not?  It won’t come on Monday of course, but could easily be hit by Wednesday morning.  (well, I don’t think it will be hit on Monday… but crazier things have happened?).

Looking at the Fed Schedule for money being injected into the dying bull ( I see that Tuesday has a nice shot at $4.25-$5.25 Billion, which could give the market a nice solid white candle day up that should then allow a topping tail candle on Wednesday to end the move up and allow the sell off to start.  Then one more nice pump on Thursday the 6th followed by nothing big again until the next Thursday the 13th.  Now if you remember it’s common to see a bottom in the market on the Thursday or Friday the week prior to option expiration.  That Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th are those days should be a bottom before a rally into the December 21st option expiration date.

So, my line of thinking is to short on Wednesday if there is a pop to either a triple top or the falling trendline.  Then exit on Thursday morning for the fakeout rally back up from the money injection from the Fed’s, followed by shorting by the close again into Friday.  Then continue to short all of the following week into Thursday the 13th or Friday the 14th for the bottom of the move.  Sounds like a great plan right?  Of course it’s never really that simple but it sure looks good on paper… LOL!

Well, I’ll keep this post short this time as there is money here to be made… so I”m going to focus on just that this time around.

Good luck as always and be sure to continue reading the comments for updates.


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