The Law of Vibration And Sacred Geometry…

The Law of Vibration And Sacred Geometry…

Technical Analysis for December 27th, 2012

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Guest Poster for you this time gang

Subject Matter Rarely Spoken Of With Concerns Related To The Stock Market

Written by Ali Firoozi Yasar

I have written this article mainly on “The Law of Vibration”, Sacred Geometry and other stuff in many different fields.  I have also touched on the patterns in the charts of the financial markets as they all can be linked to “consciousness”.   (Please pardon my lack of specific knowledge with all the stock market instruments).   This will simply be an introduction to the study of both.

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The patterns on the charts of finacial markets are all prefectly ordered by “the” Natural law of the Universe”.   You might just doubt it now and think that the moves on the charts are all random and everything, but you will see that these complicated zig zag patterns repeat themeseves over and over as the time goes by.  It is the same case in all the time frames.  Some of you folks out there may suppose that this is the economic state that moves the charts, creating such complex zig-zag patterns but this is actually the human emotions doing so.  When humans feel joy and prosperity we buy, raising the price index but when we start to feel fear and panic then we sell, lowering the price index.

The fact that matters is that this is the structure of human’s behavior graphed out on the charts, just as spyder which is not aware of the beautiful web it builds.  Therefore what traders construct in time and price charts are absolutely phenomenal and they should be able to study and research the humans behavior and consciousness instead of focusing on the markets and economic state.  You might sound puzzeled now and ask how?  Well, you know that human beings are indisputably all part of the nature, so are their consciousness.  What they create on the price-time charts is arguably “microcosm” of “macrocosm” in the universe.   So their emotions and consciousness are in line with the “natural law” or the “universal order”.

It may sound a little mind-boggling but it is true.

There is overwhelming evidence out there that a “secret society of free masons” are the ones that possesses and preserves the true knowledge of this “Atlantean code system”.   As a matter of fact, this is not the info you can easily find in text books in libraries.   Such secrets are heavily guarded as it is a pretty complicated system of Atlantean Principles handed to them by the ancient Egyptians who were inheritors of the legacy Of Atlantis.

This Masonic scholar by the name of  W.D Gann who was a stock trader and lived before the year 1955, tried to reveal the hidden structure of the markets both in price and time.  Actually to him time was more important than price and he tried to link it all to “The Law of Vibration”.   Most of you folks have probably heard his name and familiar with his methods.   The fact that matters is that there was a lot of secrecy in his work and he always kept things mysterious due to his “Masonic oath”.   Actually, he died with only $50,000 to his name but he had already made nearly $50,000,000 in his trading career.   It is said that he deviated from his main analysis, trying to depend on “financial astrology” which was the cause of his failure.   However, most of his courses have been modified and you may barely find his original courses out there, and on top of that there is ton of secrecy in his work.

In the Atlantean tradition, time is life is energy is motion and all motion in existence is cyclic.   Well, before I directly start discussing the time, I would like to talk about energy and it’s behavior.   Hindus called it “Prana”.   The movie stars war calls it “The Force”.   The ancient Greeks call it “Aether”.   It is supposed to a powerful fluid like life energy suffusing the universe and structuring the cosmos.   It’s signature is all around in nature.   You have probably seen the shapes of whirlpools, hurricanes, the solar system, the DNA Structure and so forth.

The moving waves in this energy medium get around in spirals of different sizes, from Very small to very large.   Actually, it is the energy that makes the planets revolve around the Sun and the sun around the galaxy, thus generating time, space, life and consciousness.

The vibration of this life energy forms seven major densities or levels in entire the universe.

You have probably heard the “seven heavens” by ancient traditions.   These densities and levels Are formed by the amount of vibration that is accuring within the aether.   It is interesting to learn that within these seven main energy levels, there are seven sub-levels and seven sub- sub levels within each sub level and this process will continue to infinity.   The same basic rules of vibration Are also responsible for the seven colors in rainbow and the 7-tone octave of  “diatonic scale”.

The entire universe is one and everything begins with one.  You may relate it to the “sheer white light” and the sheer sound of the universe.  In order for the life to be created, the light and sound vibrated themselves into “the octave”, and actually into seven colors… the same as in rainbow.  And seven tones: do,re,mi,fa,sol,la,ti.   Now one can infer that how the structure of time and time cycles has a lot to do with the octave.

The third key aspect I need to discuss now after light and sound is geometry which is another aspect of the behavior of the aether and the net result of vibration.  You have seen the shapes of mountains, hills, mounds, crystals etc…   You are probably familiar with the term “Sacred Geometry” (or not?).  Well, it involves the geometric structure of the universe, life and consciousness.  The dimensions of the great pyramid of Giza and other ancient monuments represent “The Universal Order” in the universe, (more on this in later articles).   In fact, all consciousness including human beings, are only based on this Sacred Geometry.   (You’ll remember at the beginning of the article I mentioned that these are emotions and thoughts forming such complicated zig-zag patterns on the price-time charts of the financial markets).

Plato, the Greek philosopher first wrote about five most important three-dimensional geometries called “Platonic solids” which include Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.  These geometries are formed in different densities or levels by the amount of vibration applied to the aether.   So actually this is the “law of vibration” which is the basis of cyclic motion of the energy.   Now you may infer that the conscoiusness is 3-dimensional, and when you add the element of time, it will be 4-dimensional.


Yes… our thoughts and emotions are 4-dimensional in nature!

Vibration can be described as a perodic or cyclic motion between two extremes or wings around a mid-point.  Lets take a guitar string as an example.  When you pluck it… it will generate a cyclic move betwen the two extremes around the mid ponit, causing a sound wave to be created at a specific note or frequency (please google sound wave mechanics for more info).  If you view the process by an oscilloscope, you will be able to see that there is an extreme vertical movement at the top or bottom of the wave.   At the mid-point of the cycle, there are parts where there is no vertical movement.  Actually this is where the “Nodes” or nodal points will be created.   The number of the nodes all depend on the amount of the vibration, the higher the vibration the more nodal points.

In a two-dimensional view, when these nodal points are grouped together by lines, geometric shapes such as triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon etc… will be created.   These shapes are inscribed within a circle which represents a cycle.  Now, in a 3-dimensional view this has three-dimensional shapes.  What I mean is, the same five platonic solids I mentioned earlier, (actually, 4 nodes at the mid-points of cycles when grouped together), will form a tetrahedron, 6 nodes create an octahedron, 8 nodes form a cube, 12 nodes create an icosahedron and 20 nodes a dodecahedron.

Now you can infer that our thoughts and emotions move in line with the faces of these Platonic polyhedrons.  It is amazing to learn that these structures are formed in a sphere like the two dimensional shapes are formed in a circle.   Ancient traditions see the sphere as the highest geometry in the universe.  The universe is finally spherical.  You can tell this by the spherical energy around the Solar System and if you study the structure of an atom, you will find out that the energy surrounding the Nucleus is spherical, as a matter of fact the structure of atom is the “microcosm” of the energy structuring the cosmos and the universe.

You might just wonder why bad energy exists?

Well, good and bad, rich and poor, etc are actually harmony of the universe.   Every movement of energy creates an opposing movement of energy or polar opposite.   This is also true for the Platonic solids which also have a “dual” status.  Therefore for every Platonic shape, there exists another Platonic shape that is the opposite, and is of course inscribed in each other.  You see there are actually two forms you are dealing with.   One form is “ out breathing” (outward spiraling energy forming the Platonic solids), and there is another form which is “ in breathing” (inward spiraling energy) forming the dual of the Platonic Solids.

There is a great deal of evidence out there that any research and study toward the discovery of the significance of these structures in the universe is heavily and actively suppressed.  True or untrue, the fact that matters is that free masons heavily guard the “secrets of the order”.  To sum up, you can infer that that the universe and everything in it is made of moving energy.   We Human beings are made of the same stuff as well as their emotions.  Consciousness moves in line with the faces of the Platonic solids so that it completes the octave, then creat a new life or cycle.  Financial Markets was just an example of how the consciousness is in line with the”universal order”.

I hope this information has been useful and will to try to get into more detail in my later posts.

God bless you all,

Ali Firoozi Yasar


Nice post by Ali gang, as I have too say that this stuff is new to me as well.

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I look forward to learning more about Sacred Geometry in the future, and specially how it relates to the movement of the stock market.   I’m sure Ali will give us more information as time goes forward.  For next week though gang I’m expecting light volume and nothing but the usually bullish option expiration week.  Generally you see traders run it up Monday through Wednesday and then take Thursday and Friday off as they will have closed out all their positions by the middle of the week.  This means that the last 2 days could chop around going basically nowhere.

But, since we have triple witching this Friday (it’s where you have 3 different securities all expiring at the same time) we could see some wild swings up and down as market makers manipulate the various markets up and down to steal the most money from the sheep.  Don’t get sucked into thinking we are going to tank hard during this period as the odds are low of that happening.  And after option expiration is over with the rest of the year is usually very bullish.  I might even put on my bull suit and go long right after this coming Friday.

But, I do believe we are going to peak out within the first week or so in January 2013 and have a step sell off into the next Legatus meeting (February 7th-9th, 2013) where I thing we’ll bottom.  Then we could have QE5 put into the market and see some huge crazy rally into late summer before we finally peak… and then CRASH!  Look at January to February of 2010 as that’s about what I think is going to happen.  That bottom was right in the middle of a previous Legatus meeting that happened on February 4th-6th of 2010.  And I seen my very first FP (fake print) on January 11th, 2010 (note that the 11th is a “daily” ritual date for these Illuminati pigs).

Now that was awhile back and I was just learning about FP’s and Legatus… so I don’t have a screenshot of the Legatus meeting, but rest assured it was the date period that the market bottomed.  I later did this chart to show what happened afterwards, and I think we could see something similar happen next year again.  While it shouldn’t be exactly the same it might have similar patterns in it.  Don’t forget about the FP I have on the cell phone showing the 1419 high and the more important 1068 low!  What if they use this fear of the Fiscal Cliff non-sense to scare the politicians and the president into coming to an agreement to save the stock market?  I’m sure it’s all planned of course but a move down to 1068 in one month is a “mini-crash” and should force these jackasses to agree on something.

So thinking ahead here I’m forecasting (guessing… LOL) that we will peak up above 1500 in early January and then move down hard into Legatus for a bottom.  If this happens it will scare the living hell out of the bulls and make a bunch of bears go crazy shorting every bounce that follows after the meeting ends.  Keep in mind that not all Legatus meetings are “turn dates” but since the thugs seem intent on dragging this Fiscal Cliff crap out as long as possible it would make sense to drop the market hard first into the meeting and then at the meeting decide on QE5, QE6, QE7, etc…

Of course in reality all these decisions were already made well before we every heard the term “Fiscal Cliff” anyway… but the meeting is just a way for the satanists to confirm that the plans are still on track as they previously decided months and possibly years ago.  Plus these reptilians are probably hungry too and need to sacrifice some innocent “missing children” as they eat them for dinner.  Sick yeah… but truth is sometimes harder to believe then fiction.  By the way I just found some old picture that I have a screenshot of showing the date for the previous Legatus meeting in 2010 (for any “newbie’s” that want more proof).

Lastly I want to add that I’m told by my connection that there are going to be 2 more penny stock promotions happen before the end of this year.  January 2013 will be full of them I suspect, as the holiday’s are usually slow.  Each pick is “planned” (not a guarantee of course) to double, triple or maybe quadruple when they run.  So if you aren’t signed up for my penny stock newsletter you might want to sign up asap, as I’ll probably sent out an “Alert” Monday night or Tuesday.