ES Morning Update April 3rd 2020


Not much to add to this mornings update. The market is in chop mode and will either breakout to the upside soon or downside. Yeah, not much help... LOL. I think it will go up, but it might not happen until next week it appears. However, if it holds its' ground the first couple of hours of the morning then the second half of today could see a nice move up start. There was a late day FP before the close yesterday. It was on the QQQ and was for 190.10, so that could be the upside target for today. I"m staying long over the weekend as I still think we'll hit that 2800 SPX area before rolling over again. That's all I have to today. Please say a prayer for the military as they go and rescue the children over the next 10 days. Have a great weekend.

Coyotes On The Run, Operators On Site, Deep, Safe - Episode 2138b



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