ES Morning Update September 30th 2020


Last nights presidential debate didn't go very smoothly in my opinion with interruption after interruption between the two parties and loaded questions that just weren't accurate when it came to president Trump. It's one thing to expect the media to attack the president and support pedophile Joe, but it seemed like even the moderator of the event was biased toward Biden and against Trump too.

Like when he asked Trump about white supremacist militants and compared to Antifa... huh? I haven't seen any militants, just normal everyday Trump supporters that are clearly NOT destroying cities, burning cars, vandalizing stores and attacking the police and the people. Yet that moderator was implying they were white supremacist militants.

When Trump brought up Hunter Biden's drug problem and money made from Russia he tried to move on to the next question so Biden wouldn't have to answer.  And he kept going on about Trump's taxes even after the president stated several times that he paid millions in taxes for the years in question and would even show it sometime in the future.

Trump did interrupt a lot but if he hadn't then he couldn't have gotten to say what he needed to say to counter the lies Bidens was saying. And Biden went off track time after time when he couldn't answer a question. He'd just get lost or something and then look at the camera and start talking to the American people telling them to go vote. He clearly had memorized some scripts to fall back on whenever the questions got too tough for him to answer.

Overall the debate has not changed my opinion on who I'm going to vote for as I already know Biden is a puppet for Obama and Hillary and they are pure evil.  So no matter how many times they attempt to make Trump look bad I know what he stands for and what he's doing for the people... and has already done to save the children in underground prison cells that the elite use as sex slaves and to make Adrenochrome.

Back to the market... it looks like the small wave 4 down might still be in play this morning before the open as the ES Futures have dropped lower after a pop higher last night during the debates. That small pop could have been the small wave 5... I just don't know? If it was then that ended the medium wave 1 up and we've started the medium wave 2 down.

Since we seem to have bottomed on a moving average and turned back up we could have completed the small A wave down inside medium 2 down, and we are doing small B up now before the open. This would leave the small C down to complete medium 2 down as the next wave. Will that happen today or tomorrow is not known as I'm not even sure if that wave count is correct. If it's right then this small B up could chop around all day and do the small C down Thursday.

Now, if that wave count is not correct and the low we put in this morning was still just part of the small wave 4 down then we are in small wave 5 up to complete medium wave 1, which also suggests another move down will follow after it completes (the medium wave 2). In both scenarios a high today is very likely to rollover and start a move down. The resistance on the SPX is around 3380, so if for some reason we get up that high I think that will stop it and we'll drop afterward into Thursday.

In this scenario that move up would be the small wave 5 up to complete medium wave 1 up as it's clearly higher then the Monday high for small wave 3 up. This would support my original thoughts that SkyNet will run the stops on the bears (that placed them just above Mondays high) before the next nice pullback. That's all for now. Have a great day.


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