ES Morning Update November 11th 2020


Yesterday turned out to be a boring day and today might be the same as the futures rally up some from getting short term oversold yesterday. I really don't have much to add today that hasn't already been said. This market is likely to stay range-bound until the Supreme Court decides who the next president is, and that should be done before December 14th I believe.

I think it will be done by this coming Thanksgiving but we really don't know for sure as they can drag this out longer then we expect. Remember that the Demoncrats know they committed fraud and will lose in the Supreme Court, so they would love to drag this out into next year and have no decision made on inauguration day (January 20th) as then Nancy Pelosi has control. Of course she's part of the Deep State and hate's Trump.

So it's in the Demoncrats favor to drag this out into next year if they are forced to go to the Supreme Court... which they will be. Right now though they are trying to avoid that and going around dancing and partying and acting like Biden won. It's all smoke and mirrors being played on the American people. But fear not as Trump is knew this all along and will win in the end. Have a Blessed Day.

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