ES Morning Update November 27th 2020


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I still feel full this morning from all the food I ate. I'm sure most of America is feeling the same way. Best to just take today off and do nothing I think. As for the market, I don't expect any big moves either direction. Probably a lot of chop today would be my best guess. However, the bulls should use the expected light volume to make a new high on the SPX as they've already did it on the DOW.

If they don't do it today then they leave the door open for a bear attack Monday. I don't really have any opinion on what to expect to play out today or Monday so I'll just stay focused on the bigger picture and let the market to whatever it wants to do. I'll be waiting for that last blow off top around the 3700 SPX area, and into the December 7th-14th time period. Until then I'm just watching. Have a great weekend.


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