ES Morning Update January 19th 202- FLASH CRASH COMING



Tomorrow is the big day when either all the Q fans are right and President Trump makes the arrests and filmed confessions of the Deep State public (starting at 8am EST tomorrow I'm hearing, and running for 72 hours on all media networks) or the satanists win and puppet Biden is put into office.

I'm going with God on this one as I believe his master plan is for President Trump to be in for another 4 years.

What will happen to the stock market you ask? A Flash Crash of course. Downside first target before any decent bounce is in the 2900 block, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it by the end of this week, or possibly next Monday. It should start part of the down move today I think as it is another 911 day backwards (1-19). But if all goes as planned the next few days the market is going limit down.

Yeah, this is a crazy call, I know. I could be totally wrong, but I'm still holding my shorts as a move down is still much more likely then a move up at this point. If I'm wrong we'll just get a correction of 10-12% into early February, but if I'm right then we are going down to around the June 15th low in 2020 before a nice bounce.

Good Luck to everyone and God Bless America and President Trump as what's about to start tomorrow is going to SHOCK the World.


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