Video Tour Of This Site

Welcome To The New Look

On Sunday, May the 2nd, 2010 a new site was launched for Red Dragon Leo. I’ve spent almost a week searching the internet for the right new blog theme, and I finally chose the Mystique theme as what I wanted for the new look. I’ve done a video explaining how too navigate through the new site. Just click on the image below, and a new window will open.

You can watch the video, and still have this site open for reference.  It took quite awhile to get everything up and working, and I’m sure that I will be adding more things in the future… so the site might look a little different then the video.

I’m open for your suggestions on how to make the site better.  I’m leaving the comment section open, so you can post your thoughts about the new look.  Also, if you would like me to add another stock to the list, just let me know and I’ll add it.

Thanks for continuing to read my thoughts, and post your thoughts…