STORM UPDATE | Comfort and Mercy for the Children | IF YOU ONLY KNOW


Just as Qanon said via the X22report interpretation the Navy Medical ships called Mercy and Comfort are rescuing children from underground locations in New York city and Los Angeles.

Clearly they all need your prayer as horrible things have been done to them from pedophile satanists.  If you still aren't a believer that this kind of stuff really goes on it's time to wake up.

Please pray for our patriots, the essential medical workers and the children.
In this update on the storm, IF YOU ONLY KNEW examines what is really taking place amidst the COVID-19 quarantine within the the Central Park Tents and at the US Naval ships, Comfort and Mercy. Has the military undergone a massive operation to rescue children from human traffickers throughout the USA.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, on 4.6.20 during the Daily Virus Briefing from the Corona Virus Task Force, the President announced that the USA is also targeting human trafficking at the border as part of a larger operation. What are the ten days of darkness?