ES Morning Update May 22nd 2020


No clue in the futures this morning but some more medium term clues was a large put spread done on the SPY this Wednesday. This image was taken from a tweet by someone on twitter. It's a bet that the SPX will drop below 2700 (down to at least 2500) by mid-July.

When we see big trades like this they usually buy extra time in their positions so this drop could happen at any point between now and then. I still am looking for one final move up to the FP on the SPY, which matches up with Peter Eliades short term upside target of 3035-3058 on the SPX... which again, matches the FP level too.

This move up should happen soon, like in the next few days. It's not a week or two out projection. Today or next Tuesday (closed on Monday) is the most likely time frame for this projection. It doesn't look like it's going to get hit today but you never know for sure until the close as we've seen many days where they have a last minute squeeze up at the end of the day.

Until the FP is hit I just can't get bearish. I'd love to see it today as I know how sneaky SkyNet is during holiday periods. It's very common to see "turns" in the market after a holiday. News is manufactured and perfectly timed to trap the most bulls/bears when its released. We all know how FAKE the main stream media is, as nothing they say anymore is accurate.

There's always some "agenda" to be pushed by the deep state satanists as Greg Hunter covers in his video update above. They want to keep America locked down until the election so they can blame it on Trump. It's all about controlling the sheep. Getting us all "chipped" with some nano particles inside a vaccine that's created to KILL YOU! I'll never take any vaccine and neither should anyone. Bill Gates should be publicly executed for murdering thousands of people with his vaccines.

These people are so desperate to get some puppet into office this November that they will do anything to win. They keep pushing the vote by mail system because they know they can cheat that way. I could go on and on but I won't. I'll just say that I'm a big bear once the upside FP on the SPY is hit. Whether that's today or early next week I don't know?

I hope it's today going into the close as I feel like that would be the trickiest move by SkyNet as it will take out all the bears as I promise you there are a ton of "stops" right over the 3000 SPX level, just waiting for the algo's to hit them and take them out. Do that today into the close and then gap it down next week is what I'd do if I were SkyNet. Will it happen? Who knows?

Have a wonderful weekend and always remember that God loves us all, even the deep state (can't say I do though... LOL). Trust in him and watch this video below called "The Fool". It will put a smile on your face, as opposed to all the fear porn propaganda crap on the TV they call news. One more thing... go outside and have a cookout and invite your neighbors. You know the corona virus is a hoax, so fear nothing. Have a blessed holiday.