Is Another 911 Coming?


I mentioned previously in a special update where I showed multiple FP's that could be the lows for the next big drop in the market. I made it private so only members that signed up for free could view it. I did that because we all know how SkyNet tracks everything we post and say, so I wanted to make it harder for "it" to read it.

This post though I'm keeping open as I doubt if SkyNet can understand what I'm about to cover anyway.

Back on 5/15/2020 the DOW closed at 23,685.42 and opened the following Monday with a gap up (and go), that ended the day at 24,597.37... which made it a 911.95 point gain. I'll pose the question again... is that a signal by the elite that another 911 event is coming soon? Maybe it's nothing, but it's some interesting "numbers" for sure.

This past Friday, June 5th 2020 the DOW closed at 27,110.98 on most platforms and financial websites, but one site had it 2 or 4 cents higher with a close of 27,111.0 as seen in this screenshot for someones cell phone.

On all other news sites it shows it 2 cents lower at 27,110.98 and up +829.16, whereas this site shows it up +829.2... which is 4 cents higher. Small difference but to those not paying attention they might overlook how close 0.98 cents is to 1.00 and not round it up so it makes a very obvious 111 number with 27 in front, which 2+7 is 9 of course.

The elite love their numbers but try not to might it too "in your face", but they do want their insider buddies to see it and figure it out.

Maybe it's nothing or maybe it's another 911 coded message? Friday was a "33" day as June is the 6th month and it was the 5th day, so that's an "11", and then if you drop the zero's out of the year then 2020 is a 22 (or a 4 if you reduce it), and 22 + 11 is 33. Remember that "they" play with the numbers to make them easy for the insiders to figure out, but not the outsiders (us sheep). Of course the number 33 is referring to the 33rd degree in the Free Mason, as cover for the Illuminati members.

It's never obvious (well, sometimes it is... like the 666.79 SPX low in 2009) so you have to keep an open-mind and play with the numbers in the price of the big ETF's and the dates as well.

But they do tell all those paying attention in advance in one manor or another.

Sometimes they use "movie codes", where they show a date in a movie and then in the future when that date finally gets here something happens. In the movie called "The Purge" they showed a date of March 21st, 2020, which was a Saturday. Well, the stock market was closed that day but the low for the big fake corona virus hoax selloff bottomed on Monday the 23rd of March... so was that a coded message?

True, it was a couple of days off but maybe they didn't want to be too obvious? And the name of the movie was a clue as well I'd say. I mean "The Purge"? Come on now, that's was clearly a purge of the sheep's money with that huge drop. It's happened many times in the pass as we all know about Neo's passport in The Matrix showing 9-11-2001 on it.

Then there's the Flash Crash on August 24th, 2015... which was foretold in the movie "Lucy (2014)" and "Inception (2010)" with passport dates. Now I'm not saying that every movie that shows a passport with a date on it will be a coded message as many that I've caught and saved were duds with nothing occurring on that date.

But , the next one I has is from the movie "Spiderman - Far From Home", which doesn't show a year but does have a month and day on it... which is July 18th. So it's possible that we start rolling over next week in the market and bottom on that date, where the market is "Far From Home"?

One thing that is certain is there are clues put out in movies and prices that the insiders use to send coded messages to each other. The stock market is rigged 100% and using this codes with other technical analysis can sometimes help out the sheep (if they can figure out the meaning of the code?). I will further add that they are going on full attack against Trump right now with staged False Flag events, like the George Floyd one. Yes, he's a "crisis actor" as so is the cops. It's unknown if he's really dead or not? Watch this video and you decide for yourself.

R.I.P George Floyd: May You Rise with the Phoenix and Soar With the Illuminati

The satanists will not give up folks, so don't think for a minute that they won't pull another False Flag 911 event, as they will do whatever it takes to get Trump out of office this coming election.

In fact in the next video below this guy named George Webb first explains that he's not part of Antifa (I don't know either way?) and then he starts talking about how the satanists will create False Flags to divide the races up, and of course George Soro's is behind it (who's just a front-man for the Rothschilds).

Anitifa Is Just Another OTPOR Color Revolution - Arab Spring Again, In Black This Time

But what interests me is later in the video when he says that "they" are talking about another virus event that they are planning for this coming October 19th 2020, which they hope will kill 65 million Americans.

These people are truly insane! I'll add that October 19th, 2020 is 10/19/2020, or 1+0+1+9=11 and if you keep 2020 as 22 since it's a master number (like 11, 33, 666, etc...) then you have 11+22=33. So that date is another 33 "Free Mason" date just like last Friday was. Plus, if you drop the year of 2020 and just look at 10/19 you have 911 backwards.

If the satanists pull this off then they will force Americans to vote by mail, where they can toss out all the votes for Trump and cheat to get the Democrats into office. Whether that will still be Joe Biden or not is unknown, as I suspect they will try to replace him at some point before this November. People need to go out and vote at all costs, as we can't let these crazy pedophile satanist win.

May God continue to keep Trump safe from the Illuminati cabal as if he doesn't get re-elected it's going to be horrible for everyone, not just blacks but all people. Let's us stay together as one race of Gods children and not let skin color divide us. We are at war with satan, never forget that...

God Bless America