ES Morning Update July 1st 2020


While nothing in life is certain that SKEW reading is a flashing RED LIGHT for a bear attack soon. It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't in the month of July as it's not what I'd call a normally bullish month. It's not a super bearish one where crashes happen... like October, but there's been many drops in the summer months over the years.

And with the election this November I'd certainly want to get the coming big drop out of the way early so the expected double bottom would launch a "W" type recovery, whereas the market will be up going into the Fall months in front of the election. It would benefit President Trump more I think to have the market in full-on rally mode going into November.

We all know the deep state wants him to lose so they can put in their puppet "Pedophile Joe" to bring on the New World Order, so you know they have another False Flag event planned for this October. Hopefully Trump stops them before it happens.

As for the markets I think we are done on upside and will start down hard next week, maybe even tomorrow? Too me today is the last day to get short before the waterfall move drowns the bulls. May the fireworks be with you.

And here's a positive video for a change...

But this video is quite scary... get prepared