Special Update – Revisiting The FPs – July 1st 2020


As we enter into the month of July I want to revisit the past, and point out how rigged, controlled and planned out the stock market is. I've been covering the FP's (fake prints) for 11 years now and while they all don't play out many do.

I did a special update post back in May and made it for members only, but I've opened that post back up for everyone now as the FP's shown on it are likely downside targets to be hit in the month of July. Here's that old post https://reddragonleo.com/2020/05/19/special-update-the-coming-lows-are-now-known/

The other thing I want to discuss is the codes sent out to insiders via movies and television shows. Most people now know that 911 was an inside job and foretold in the TV show called the Simpsons.

But they probably don't know about the August 24th, 2015 "Flash Crash", as back then the stock market didn't have 1000 point moves on the DOW (100 points on the SPX) all in one day.

That was a huge drop back then, which today would be like seeing 3000-4000 on the DOW I'd think. But that Flash Crash was planned and scheduled to happen on that exact day 5 years in advance. Yeah, sounds crazy but "they" told the insiders about it via a movie code.

Actually it was in two movies, and the names of them mean something as well. The first one was called "Inception" (2010) and the second was called "Lucy" (2014). Both movies showed a passport with the expiration date of August 24th 2015 on them... the exact day of the Flash Crash.

The name Lucy stands for Lucifer and when added to the other movie you get "Inception of Lucifer", which earlier that year they built some statue to honor Baal, which is satan of course.

Moving forward to today we have a movie called "Spider-man" Far From Home (2017), with a passport showing July 18th (no year) on it for its expiration date. I find it odd that the stock market is about ready to plunge again into mid-July and this movie is called "Far From Home"... like the market while be if it crashes into that period. It's a sign of a bottom to me, which if all goes well will be near the March 23rd lows, but a "higher low"... like in the mid-2200's on the SPX I think.

And finally, there's this...

In this video there's clues that suggest not only is John F Kennedy Jr still alive but that he either is, or started the "Q" movement and is working with Trump.

Is John F Kennedy Jr still alive?