ES Morning Update August 25th 2020


I thought we might pullback some today but it's not looking like it right now. Up to "just under 3500" is the likely path now, with the Jackson Hole meeting of the Fed this Thursday as the target date to hit that top. I'm thinking 3470-3480 on the SPX, so lets watch and see.

Looking at the futures we aren't too far away from that target right now, so I'd expect a flat day today, or even a tiny pullback, as that last move up should happen on Thursday I think. By no means is this the final top as I still think we are going up to "just under 3600" into the end of September or early October. Short term though there's not much to do likely today as the market is likely to remain in sleepy creepy mode until the meeting (hey... kinda like sleepy creepy Joe Biden).

I'll end this post here and just wish you a blessed day again. Remember that God is in full control, fear not as evil is being taken down as we speak. Yes, there's one more planned event (and lockdown) so the remaining deep state pedophiles can be rounded up and executed and/or locked away for life. God bless President Trump for taking on the impossible.