ES Morning Update September 10th 2020


Ok, yesterdays rally seemed to have topped out to complete some kind of subwave in the medium B wave up. Due to the time factor, meaning I'm looking for this medium B wave to last 2 weeks or more, I think it will subdivide as follows. I'm looking for the first small wave A up to divide into 5 tiny waves, then the small B down into 3 tiny waves, and finally the small C up into 5 tiny waves.

If all goes smoothly we completed the tiny wave 1 up yesterday of the small A wave. A pullback today should be a tiny 2 down and then a tiny 3 up on Friday with the tiny 4 down and 5 up on Monday. Naturally this will confuse everyone, which is what the market loves to do. But when all 5 of these tiny waves are finished it will end the small A up. I'd expect it to reach up into the high 3400's or low 3500's when it does end, which again assumes this is the pattern the market is going to take.

It suggests to me that by the close on Monday (possibly early Tuesday?) there's a nice short for the small B wave down of the medium B up. But since it's likely to be a simple 3 wave pattern drop it could end all in one day or by Wednesday morning. This should trick the bears looking for it to take out the lows this week, as after that drop the small C up should start and again have 5 tiny waves inside it.

This aligns up well with a nice rally into next Friday, which we all know that the third week of every month is bullish due to the monthly expiration of the indexes (SPY, IWM, QQQ) on that Friday, and the VIX on the third Wednesday. My best guess would then be for those 5 tiny waves up for that small C to end by the following Monday or Tuesday, which is the 21st or 22nd. That should end the medium B up and last 2-3 weeks as I think it will.

And if this plays out then we'll see that medium C down flush out the bulls into the end of September to finish this large wave 4 down and allow the final large wave 5 up into October to start. Where it stops I don't know but I'll be focused more on "time" then price level.

Since I think the deep state could do another False Flag on Monday, October 19th, 2020 I think that large wave 5 up will finish by Friday, October 16th... and hopefully has reach 3600+ to take out the bear stops before the crash begins. This the all just speculation of course, put together by various factors. Let's just pray it's not a nuke or something that kills a bunch of people. Have a blessed day.


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