ES Morning Update November 4th 2020 And Fraud In The Election


Still On Track For A Top In Mid-Late November

The futures are in rally mode this morning as the medium wave 3 up is in play now. With the start of medium 2 down from 10/12 and bottom on 10/30 that's 18 days until completion. Medium wave 1 up started at the 9/24 low that ended large wave 4 down and started large wave 5 up.

Since medium 1 up ended at the 10/12 high that too was 18 days in total. I have to think that this medium 3 up inside large 5 up will also last at least something similar in time. This again points to mid-late November for this all to end. Now medium 4 down and 5 up could be short but medium 3 up should last until around the monthly options expiration day of 11/20 I'd think. So we are likely just in small wave 1 up right now from the 10/30 low last week.

Election Fraud And The Coming False Flag

This is all lining up for some False Flag event to happen and take the blame for the next crash move down in December. I was up last night until around 1 am watching the voting results and the fraud that is going on right now is massive! There is no way Biden can be ahead without cheating. President Trump MUST fight this so my prayers go out to him. If you are a Democrat and hate Trump and don't think there is fraud going on try to step back and look at the facts without an opinion.

No one in their right mind can really believe that a candidate that can't get more then a dozen people to show up at a campaign rally can win versus a candidate that has crowds of 30-50,000 people. It's pure fraud! When Biden picked his slogan "The Soul Of America" he's not kidding. If he wins YOUR soul will soon belong to satan with forced vaccines to chip you with the Mark Of The Beast. You need to pray for President Trump right now, even if you don't like his personality. These DEMONcrats are totally insane and want your soul. Look at this tweet and you tell me if the aren't worshiping satan.

This lines up with the 6 foot social distancing crap to make 666 in a triangle. And of course Bill Gates patent number for the COVID virus was 2020060606... again, satan right in your FACE! Whether you believe in satan, God and Jesus or not isn't the issue as THEY do! And they plan on killing 95% of the population with the vaccine, which is why they hate Trump so much as he's standing in their way. So pray, and pray hard as I don't want to be chipped and I hope you don't either.

God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.


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