Was The Top Just Put In?


Flash Crash Coming Soon?

The DOW closed at 30303.37 on December 17th, 2020 and 33 years, 3 months and 22 days ago the SPX opened at 333.33 (which was August 25th, 1987, a was the all time high that year). The closing price of 333.33 the day before on August 24th, 1987 so we might squeak out one more slightly higher high? It might mean nothing, or something?

Anyone reading my blog should know about the Illuminati (called the Deep State now) and how they love to use numerology in the stock market (as well as everything they do). The number 11 is an important number for them, as well as multiples of it... like 22, 33, 322, 23 (part of the 322 backwards), and of course 666 (999 too as it's upside 666).

The number 11 and 23 is seen as room numbers in a lot of movies I've notice. The 322 is the number for the Skull and Bones society, who worship satan and are associated with the Illuminati and/or are in both groups. The number 33 is the top publicly known level for the Free Masons, another group associated with the Illuminati. I had heard that George Howard Bush was a 99th degree Free Mason, so once you make it to the 33rd degree you must know that you worship satan, or else you don't get there.

And obviously there's many higher levels not known to the public that you only get to know about once you realize who you worship and what organization you are really a part of (the Illuminati obviously).

Over the past decade that I've been doing this blog I've noticed a lot of numerology in the market, but I do not know how to understand them as I'm not a part of any of those groups. I believe in Jesus and God and they are who I worship, not satan. So I may never know their secrets but that's fine with me. I'll just make note of the things I notice and give you my thoughts on them.

So, the series of 3's too me could be a signal to the insiders that the top was put in just like it was back on August 25th, 1987. The DOW having four 3's in the close today and one 7 also lines up with the 33 years, 3 months, and 22 days being 3333.70% of a common year. Again, maybe this is nothing, but I think it's a sign that the top is in now (+/- 1 day?).

Does this mean we are following the 1987 pattern? I don't know but I am still looking for a flash crash soon, so possibly next Monday or Tuesday? My target is roughly the 200 day simple moving average, basically 3200 SPX or so. I don't know how long it will take but it could be hit in just a few days if we get the Flash Crash I'm looking for, so stay nimble if you are long.