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Mike Pence And The Queen Arrested

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NV is short for Nicholas Veniamin and CW is Charlie Ward.


We’ve got Dr. Charlie ward

Charlie Ward:
>From June the 15th The American corporation has ceased to exist

It’s going to be a good year.  There’s some interesting news from behind the scenes that the American corporation the U.S. CORPORATION was actually eliminated on the 5th of June 2019 while Trump was visiting the United  Kingdom.

If you're not a corporation anymore then two-party illusion would be illegal the rest it is all a show to ensure no domestic wars break out in the meantime until they reveal that the war is officially won. The 2020 presidential election is therefore both illegal and invalid.  The elector certification is just pantomime.  He still needed the show to reveal the corruption from within and this is why this show has been played out so all these people think Biden's won.  This was all show the corruption of the whole system.

So we're coming into a phase where there is going to be a lot of egg on people's faces who've attacked.  I talked to a lady in a shop today. The lady there asked me about why I wasn't wearing a mask and I said because I've got a medical certificate but if you'd like to know the truth I'll tell you, the mask will kill you.  Covid 19 won't kill you it's a common cold, but the mask will because it will break down your immune system.

She’s said you're talking a lot of sense. What’s website I told her she said I'm going to follow that she said you make sense it makes a lot of sense because she said the mask is just we all know healthy people shouldn't wear a mask so why are they making us do it.

The other thing I explained to her.  I’m a Man not a “Person”.  The word “person” comes from the latin for “mask wearer”.  They knew this all along so they've let us be persons “mask wearers” without us even knowing it - legally through fictitious English.

Looking down the rabbit hole this is what happens when you lock a 60 year old man up in a little office he starts looking and finding find things he didn't expect to find so it serves you right when we started to dig and found an awful lot of about the governments the royal families the military the police we found an awful lot of disgusting stuff and that's all going to come out bit by bit.

But it was very important as you said that we found out that the corporation of the united states of america was dissolved on the 5th of june 2019 which made the whole election fiasco null and void anyway.

So you saying that the election was null and void because the American corporation ceased to exist in 2019 is that because the queen stepped down?

The queen has stepped down some time ago but it's not public knowledge in England yet and they're all sort of wondering why Buckingham palace is empty.

The claim is that they are decorating.. there's no decorators in there the people that are in there are forensic scientists who are trying to assess what's going on in there because i promise you there's some things that have happened in there that are not very good

It will all come out gradually so you won't be shocked to know that it wasn't the best place in the world tunnels underneath it are not good either

We're expected to isolate in flats terraced homes and be safe but this queen can't isolate in a massive palace so she's got to go to windsor she's got all that room around her it doesn't make any sense when you think about it logically. There is still a huge majority of people in england that are completely and utterly programmed by television and they believe everything they hear and they're going to get the biggest shock of their lives to find out that the television stations have all lied to them

It would be very interesting for people when things come out about the queen and prince philip and prince andrew and prince Charles.. as things that will come out about the entire royal family and i will wait and let them come out, but I'll just poke you to say keep your eyes open there's some big things happening.

And for those who don't know, the commonwealth has also been dissolved so there's no longer a commonwealth right and you'll start to see that'll be interesting to see how that becomes public knowledge because the queen is no longer in charge of the commonwealth there is no commonwealth any longer it's been it's been collapsed so that all the countries will break away from that and go back to being sovereign countries um but you'll start to see there's some amazing things happen we're living in an amazing time and when you're awake to seeing the show

I've likened it to being at a firework display and looking up at the sky and saying how beautiful and you can have some people at the same show that are looking at the ground that can't see a thing they're in the same place but they just can't see it and it's for you and i it's so exciting because we're seeing all these things but we're seeing it from a fifth dimension and above.

Those on the third dimension not a chance and you can't explain it to them


Logically in our brains it doesn't make sense but we have a gut feeling that tells us the truth yeah because this comes from our soul but people in 3d don't have a gut feeling yet which is why they're just going by their programming, and with respect we are all programmed all of us we are um it's just making sure that our moral compass is accurate so that we understand the difference between light and dark and truth and lies

Did you see over the Christmas period the deep fake queen's message


Yeah this again is all part of the programming put out on purpose so that when they put out a fake queen speech which was a cgi for anybody with an ounce of common sense probably a gram of common sense could have worked out it was a cgi it wasn't the real thing but because of the programming because of the channel for deception that then oh that's the queen nobody questioned it it's very clever but it just shows how easy people are to program if you look i didn't actually look at the spoof one i looked at the real one i went whoa that's dodgy now had you not seen the spoof on first i saw the spoof one second and then i could see exactly what they've done it then makes the other one look right but without that spoof one it would have you know that's not right

Do you think it was the white hats involved behind that, maybe to slowly wake up the public

Yeah i'm sure it is

The other theory that I had was maybe that bbc they're trying to let the public know that this is a technology that's available so be careful of fake news so when donald trump does reveal the truth or testimonials that you know people would just believe that it's a misinformation again to you know so i'm saying that the bbc may be using this to protect themselves


I wouldn't give the credit to the bbc at all um i think there are people around that have whether you want to call it blackmail whether you want to keep call and control whatever it is but the donald trump's team which we call the white house or whatever you want to call them um they're in total control and they're in control of the media right now social media and mainstream media and we are seeing a pantomime so they are being a little bit naughty at times yes um but it's all being totally managed and totally controlled um and this week is a critical week because we're on saturday we're coming uh monday will be the fourth wednesday will be the sixth um we're expecting some huge things to happen on the sixth and from what i understand it'll involve public arrests


so let me get this right on the 6th of january and by the way for the listeners just want to let the listeners know that i'll be hosting a live show in washington dc he will be there we will go live for the mega million march now you're saying charlie that during this big march there's going to be arrests happening at the same time i've just got intel that says to me that there will be some public arrests


Sit back and wait and see. When q tells us the first arrest will shock the world yeah and you're saying that there might be a group of arrests happening on the six then maybe the first arrest could be one arrest that will happen sometime before that day it could be but just remember that the arrests have already been executed right this is the pantomime we're seeing the pantomime so that it'll be the arrests that have already been taken place will become public knowledge

they'll choose which ones they expose but the obvious the obvious ones will be mike pence and joe biden they'll be the obvious ones well let's speak about that now mike pence i mean you know what um mike pence now if he steps down you had someone predict something again i forgot the name of that person i'm really bad with names but this is a blow you know mind blowing about what she predicted

NOTE:  From here on out a voice to text generator was used, so it's not know who's talking and can be confusing at time.  I've done line breaks to make it easier to read and added some images.  Red.

i became very good friends with observer um who's a spiritual lady connected on levels that you couldn't make up and she's predicted stuff for many many years and lots of people thought she was nuts and then suddenly they started to come true she predicted that the queen would leave buckingham palace at the beginning of this year

she predicted that and she's predicted many things she predicted that mike pence would step down as vice president before the 6th of january

before the announcement he stood down yesterday and under normal protocol pompeo would take over the role right she says no she says john f kennedy jr will take over the role which is another prediction and it's mind-blowing if that actually does happen because she's got this one

we've only got a couple of days to wait to see if that's going to happen that's one of her predictions let's wait and see exciting times she's got the first part right that he'd step down so when when people start predicting things and get them right it's time to sort of go okay i'm listening carry on and let's wait and see

it's a huge prediction most people said that it would be impossible for mike pence to step down before the sith most people said it was impossible he stood down yesterday

Mike Pompeo CIA

so so um you're saying that technically with the way the process of the constitution works pompeo would be the one by default who would take the vice president position

correct but in this case she's predicted that jfk jr will be replacing this position that's exactly what she said well and there's only one thing that you and i can do is wait and see just wait and see exciting times it's very exciting and how about what's happened with biden i mean i woke up and heard the news today actually um that biden is stepping down juice due to health reasons

now i've heard the same thing but again we'll have to wait because the mainstream media first of all yesterday pence stood down nothing in mainstream media zero nothing how about biden's announced that he's going to step down due to health reasons nothing in mainstream media he's going to step down from being president-elect

now when we talk about being president-elect that was his own his own pedestal that wasn't ever declared by the electoral college or by um state legislators state legislators or congress it was mainstream media and the team that declared it nobody else declared it and then you've got the idiots from around the world went yeah yeah oh pence is the new leader

what's a load of bollocks i mean what's it like the complete bollix you couldn't make it up he's declared himself the winner but it hasn't come out of the electoral college  it hasn't come out of congress hasn't come out of the legis legislators office any of this none of it it's just come out in in the paper and on the telly

it's not their job but donald trump had to let them do this to expose themselves as to what they're doing because they tried to steal the election they and they they stole it

last uh they  tried to steal it last time and made a bit of a faux pas hillary clinton completely screwed up the numbers because she only she suggested that she only needed 22 of the vote flipping over to her to absolutely smash trump into oblivion trump still beat her with 22 percent flipped wow so it turns out he was 75 of america wanted trump

this at this election 80 of people wanted trump this is why they went over the top you see he he won by the popular vote and and he didn't win the house so every time he passes a bill they keep blocking it because you know they you know they're democrats but when he wins this time it's going to be historic

yeah because not only this is a president that does not work for washington dc and merrily works for the people but he will win by a landslide a complete landslide like you've said charlie and he will win the house and that means that any any um bill that he wants to pass the house is going to approve of it straight away

it's going to be a piece of cake for him after that when he gets back in what do you think you know the first few things he's going to do with the house to you know change things

well the first thing that he'll do is return america to constitutional law right take it away from admiralty law and then suddenly there's no power to either houses uh the powers taken away so he can restructure everything but on a legitimate professional manner um for the protection of the people so the people are in control because what's happened is the old system has become so contaminated it's completely dictatorial by the democrats

and this i'm not blaming the democrats because your party has been hijacked by evil it's just just you got unlucky that they picked you and just remember that donald trump all his life was a democrat

remember that and he realized how contaminated been hijacked by the ccp um by evil people so he decided to the only way to to take it was to go to the republican side and be for the people

every party in the world should be for the people but they're not so he's had to go to the other side to the republican side the name is irrelevant it's either you were for the people or you don't he didn't work for god he worked for satan

it's quite simple absolutely right well when you start a lot of people say oh i'm not interested in its politics well no when you realize what's actually happening you're right it's not about politics

politics is nothing compared to what's happening it's not um and there's a lot of people gonna be very very shocked at what's been going on and you and i are very fortunate with lee hemington and uh the whole team tara drew the whole lot of us here that we've um jimmy great group

yeah dede panasan has been helping guiding me as well all these people have been a critical part of the start of the journey back in march to get clarification as to what the truth is um and it's quite fun when you battle up against somebody it's a bit like a boxer i suppose who goes out with his gloves on all his kittens he comes up against somebody who's got no gloves on they can be dangerous but they're never going to knock you out

yeah so charlie when when are we actually going to hear that trump has officially won the president presidency because when i speak to tara she says to me no we we i think we're just too far away from something like that happening

so many things need to happen and and then 107 says that you know this will go to the 30 the inauguration will be on the 30th of march what do you think i really really hope not well i asked the question because as you know i got invited over to the inauguration by trump's team which is on the 20th of january

it's amazing are you going to go by the way

yes good and i confirmed before the weekend that it was still on the 20th of january and they said yes

right so that means it's happening you've got you've got you've personally been invited to the inauguration and you've been given a date this is from inside so when anyone tells you march this or july that you know it's not true

the one thing that nick that you and i know is is because when you get a following they give you information sometimes to mislead they've sometimes given me dates to do exactly that um the data is irrelevant to me it's just the fact that we want the right people that were voted in by the american people forget who you like who you don't like

donald trump was voted by 80 of the  american people and because the american people want good to win over evil simple as that um but evil just continues to fight fight fight fight and uh we'll have to wait and see the time of it is irrelevant whether it's january whether it's march makes no difference to me because my job's only just started

your job and my job really starts when it becomes public knowledge there'll be an awful lot of people who tran who are transitioning from darkness to light will need guidance as to what the hell's going on who looks at you and me and laughs they've laughed in our faces because they haven't got a clue um and now they'll be laughing with embarrassment

we're used to it charlie but you know what it's going to be so rewarding for the both of us to to hold their hands and tell them it's okay and tell them we was there we've all been asleep and we're all on this journey together we're just different going at different speed and that's okay i was going to hold their hand and slap their face with it that's my inner feelings that's my inner feeling i've got to keep under control

so let's summarize this right biden is stepping down pence is going to be arrested um jfk might appear and many things are being put out there right now but the lovely thing is it's saturday yeah sunday monday tuesday wednesday by the end of this week we'll know hundred percent

yeah was charlie and nick right or were they talking a load of puddles let's see let's see i mean i i i i listen to you know a lot of people and and i i put i try to put the dots together and and see what may happen but let's let's see so exciting times all this conspiracy stuff that's that's you know conspiracy stuff it's all come out to be true

i mean even lynn wood has confirmed only two days ago that jeffrey epstein's alive i think most people knew that yes only the people that believe the media didn't think he's dead yeah and it's very interesting as well because i had a list come through this morning of of all the people who had died suspiciously it was very interesting that they were all found hanging from from a doorknob

oh that's one that that's a roth child hanging that's right that's a sign it's a sign that all of the people that they were talking about and there was a whole list of them coming where it was now there was a whole list of them and they were all every single one of them was a donor which is the rothschilds

so yeah if it usually when they when it's a donor you know suicidal it's um it's a sign to say that they've been assassinated

correct yeah but that those sort of things are very very interesting when they come out i also had a chat with um one of my very good friends over in america yesterday who phoned me very very distressed

he received the list from guantanamo bay of who exactly was there and who has been executed and he was distressed because three or four of his personal friends that he knew had been executed and he hadn't been able to reach him this year he didn't know why and so had his agent and that's pretty pretty awful when you go through that um he's managed to acquire their list

now all these people he couldn't work out why he couldn't reach them so he's found out now has he got confirmation now that that's that was the case well he's had the list and he just said i've looked through the list um and the people that i haven't been able to get hold of this year are on that list

wow wow so that's there'll be a lot of that there'll be a lot of that there's a number of there's a number of actors and actresses that i used to like that i found out that are on that list and it's pretty awful when you think wow i used to like that person and then you find out their history what they've done what they've been involved in and i'm quite glad in a way that i've never been a movie buff

i don't i just don't watch movies it's not really my thing  and i get asked um i get asked by a number of people have you seen this movie and they've got a new joke you've never seen that movie i don't know i just don't watch movies you know

i i'm glad that um i liked michael jackson just by coincidence that he was the good guy you know because there's a queue in neverland and i spoke to a spiritual lady and she said that she's on 12th dimension she's very spiritual her name is kimberly palm um and and she said to me that she can tune in to find out who's alive and who's dead yeah and she told me that she's 100 sure that michael jackson's alive well

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Eugene Adebari/REX/Shutterstock (101034a)
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 1983

i can tell you as a father right and a grandfather that he was never a pedophile i can tell you that um hand on heart that he was never being pulled it's become very very clear that they would have tried to use his death to to distract from the pedophiles but he was never one as a father and a grandfather you can tell um yes

he had his childhood stolen you know from a young kid he was on stage from a young kid but i know what you're like and i know  what i'm like and i know what lee's like and we're all still boys are and i'm 60 years old my godfather is in his 70s he's still a still a kid at heart his godfather's in his late 80s he's still got a kid inside him

we've all got kids inside us um but he michael jackson that wouldn't surprise me at all if he was still alive wouldn't surprise me at all and that i believe was a massive distraction um to to distract from the real pedophilia in hollywood that was going on and the music business and i'm i'm saddened to say that many many hollywood stars and music people in the music business have been contaminated

yeah yeah and i did have the list of every one of the um of the film industry and music business that was controlled by the deep state in the cabal and that was a shocking list i believe all the borders in the us are completely closed off to keep the criminals in and stop them from fleeing

correct right so is does that apply the same for the uk because are we still in lockdown

you're still in lockdown at the moment yeah well you know better than me and i live here well my daughter's just flown in actually she's just flown into england from barbados so right over there we'll wait and see what happens when they get there so what was the reason for the lockdown in the uk

Anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray holds signs outside Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London, Britain December 24, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

because i'm hearing that it was to stop the eu from coming in and causing chaos because of the brexit there was a combination of things the eu had had an army that wanted to infiltrate the uk because they wanted the european army which was signed up for by the british government to be to get rid of the british army and to be part of a european army

um and this was one of the big things that they were negotiating um in the deal no deal situation that we we were in control of our own sovereignty they've gone very quiet on it so i assume that england has maintained that they'll keep their own army

i know that they lost out on the fisheries and they lost out on northern ireland but i'm not convinced that losing out on northern ireland is a bad thing i think that ireland is not as an island i think the northern rural itself i think the south can rule itself i don't think the north needs england to control i think it would be far better if it was autonomous and controlled by itself and they would probably land up merging together anyway because they're not you know

um it would be good but who knows who knows the most important thing is that the people who live in those locations get the best for the people not not the politicians it's a in the past it's all about a political

um and the one thing that the island needs to wake up to in the north um the difference between protestant and catholic um you you both believe in the same god you both believe in the same bible but just because you see it from a different perspective you've got to kill each other that's one of the most childish things you could ever imagine you need to grow up and see who god really is because at the moment you're not acting as god's soldiers or warriors at all

Lutheran. Calvinism. Presbyterian. Puritan. Hugeunots.

when you're fighting each other um you need to learn that i've given you the example of the mediterranean that i can see from above and a diver can see it from below it's the same body of water but it doesn't make a diverse perception wrong and my mind right or the other way around

you can have a different perception and then just because you can't accept somebody else's perception shows a complete lack of knowledge and understanding and compassion

um because somebody can look at something from a completely different angle and see it with a completely different view and they can be right and you can be right the fact you turn around say they're wrong shows just just a lack but it's all programming it's been done to divide you on purpose and you've bought into the narrative and i see children screaming at children

it's like really really same god same bible different perception and you've got to kill each other wakey wakey it's been done it's been man-made it's you've been programmed into little robots to hate each other because you're easier to control when you age each other when really we're all we're all one we're all connected and we're all you know connected to one source

yeah you know so you know um charlie i want to ask you this actually what's happening with the the flu jabs i don't want to say the v word but the flu jabs that's going on right now you know trump's distributed them and the whole world's going to get them and and there's people that have already taken them already what's the situation with that

if we rewind back to what i said in may june whenever they said about the vaccinations that i said to you this was all a smoke screen right once the financial reset the revaluation is complete the vaccines will disappear the virus would disappear the issues with 5g disappear they'll all disappear at the moment

i cannot believe how programmed the uk is and the world is the first example was william shakespeare the second was a crisis actress that had a retractable needle the third was a nurse that passed out and um you know what how many how many times you got to be slapped in the face before you wake up to this is a complete show

this is a pantomime um when it comes to the vaccine just look at some simple facts hydroxychloroquine is classed as a vaccine very simple and it's it's there are so many things at the moment he's using the word vaccine

he used the vaccine in america which he hasn't said what vaccine is if it's the fires a vaccine if it is first of all people should wake up and look what it says on the box as to what's in the vaccine and if you look at what's in the box again it's in plain sight

it's the same stuff they give to you for lethal injection to kill you so if you don't wake up to that then you are incredibly stupid because it's written on the box what's in there and what what trump did in america was allow the vaccine the fisa vaccine to be rolled out by the military

they haven't administered the vaccine in america because if they did it would kill people because it has the lethal and the lethal stuff in it so people need to wake up to the fact this is all pantomime

right so you're saying all people are just jumping on the bandwagon yeah so all the people that are that we're seeing who are taking the flu jabs um they're they're you know they're not really what it is they're just being taken hydrochloric

well i don't know what they're taking i don't know what they're taking what people are getting vaccinated with whether it's the original flu jab having done five over five thousand hours of research and spoken to over 200 doctors now and biologists and scientists in history in history there's not one vaccination that's actually proved to be beneficial not one

our immune system is incredibly good we need to learn to look after immune system the problem is with vaccination is is it takes you back year after year after year to get another one to get another one to get another one to get another one and also just remember the doctors are being paid to vaccinate so they're very very keen to vaccinate because they're getting extra money

so if it's that good why they need to pay doctors to vaccinate you i'll tell you why it's very simple bill gates had a plan to reduce the world's population by two billion people and that was going to be done with the vaccine and if he had used his vaccine it would have taken him from being a billionaire to a trillionaire just in the sales of acting

that's why he wanted to do it and he wants to reduce the population and he's so old now that well he's no longer with us

but i mean he's one of the evil ones that got dealt with very early on um but  people need to wake up to do some research when you see people pass out on television after being so saved so say and then when you look at the what's inside it

do some research as to what's in the magazine anybody with a brainstorm wouldn't go anywhere near it but it's all out there but people just now the television tells me i need a vaccine and the good thing with the vaccine is if the idiots take the vaccine we rid the world of idiots

absolutely um my my cousin took her dad to have the vaccine can you believe it i'm just thinking this it depends what vaccine has had and at this moment in time i've contacted five hospitals yeah okay and the the coconut 19 coronavirus vaccine has not been even delivered by any of the hospitals right it's other vaccines that have been delivered so they're pretending that it's it's all

it's all personal pantomime yeah you know when we go into the nesara and a lot of things changed

and they get rid of the haarp you know the the heart that changes and influences you know the weather do you think that our weathers will improve even in the uk because it's always gray and you know rainy here

do you remember the the beijing olympic games vaguely the beijing olympic games was the first time that i became aware that you could change the weather

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility near Gakona comprises a 40-acre grid of towers to conduct research of the ionosphere. The facility was built and operated by the U.S. Air Force until Aug. 11, 2015, when ownership was transferred to UAF's Geophysical Institute.

right what they did was because the atmosphere was so heavy they created cloud and they created rain and i said at the time it's incredibly dangerous if you play god and they did it they started doing in the uae and the planes came out of abu dhabi and they created the weather over dubai because that it was cheaper than desalination of water to collect rain rainbows

but they did it the trouble was none of the buildings there were geared for rain because they had rain for five years so they all flooded the banks but the storms flooded

they all flowed so none of the structure was geared up around the talks it backfired there i've also learned in the caribbean that a lot of these typhoons and hurricanes are they've been completely created the idea was to reduce the population these are all bill gates's ideas to reduce the population and in the process any children women and children were basically being saved by unicef

um by red cross by the un by nato whatever for harvesting and we'll get more into that and we'll see more of that in the future that will become more public knowledge so this has all been created it's all man-made so the reality is we've all seen changes we've seen what's happened with the chemtrails um how they're putting crap into the air et cetera so the minute the deep state is taking down the cabal is taken down that will stop

and i would imagine i don't know i would imagine um it makes an awful lot more sense if not they're not putting all this crap into the air then the earth has a very very good way of healing itself and it will heal itself because it is a living organism a living being the earth and just uh it's been under under attack for the want of a better word um by evil so once you remove it well then it will start to breathe again start to live again

um don't think for one minute that that um we we can make enough change to the earth to ruin it because it's it's far greater than we ever give it i believe that um all of this global warming complete and utter lies and to make money for different organizations if you look at the the warmth the temperature of the earth over the last 5 000 years round and round in circles and we get into a warm period at the moment

and when we went through the ice age because there wasn't all this knowledge out there nobody complained then and we've been to our hospital we've been through periods of a lot hotter than they are now and it's got a lot colder than isn't it than we've known before but it goes in cycles it's only if you take the last hundred years that you say oh it's a lot harder it's not a lot harder at all

and also um that idiot from america that came out about the polar ice cap and all the rest of it um melting and disintegrating and then last year there was twenty percent worse than there's ever been before they couldn't work it out at all um so they stopped filming immediately and shut up because it's all about it's corrupt it's about making money for for bad people

um that's not to take away from the fact that we need to look after our planet because we don't um and where we used to see lots of plastic bottles they've all disappeared now there's just plastic masks everywhere

it's true so yeah we need to look after our planet and it will look after itself we need to look after our own immune system that will look after us very very well unless you have an immune system division then you don't need drugs you need supplements vitamins and with vitamins you can't overdose on them because your body will just get rid of them but you have to stock yourself right up when you're not well do

your body will fight like a good and i promise you and when you get a temperature that just means your body's really really fighting for you

yeah yeah i've got a hot question actually before i forget and this is quite important this one um xrp what is going on with xrp you know it's hit really low the price

um i believe there's court cases and my theory is that you know they're trying to impeach something really good like the president and anything that's good they're trying to impeach it trying to take it to court trying to get rid of it because it's good


and it's a threat to the swift system so what's your intake on xrp with what's going on right now charlie i don't know because i haven't been looking at xrp for about 10 days and loads of people have been saying to me did you look at it

i've had two ladies that are specialists in that and who've asked me urgently if they can come straight on my channel and explain what's going on

so i don't know because i've got my xrp and my wireless account my wirex account was suspended before christmas no idea why no idea why

yeah yeah i got one my ledger stick okay yeah it seems to be all right in there logistic the logistic the ledger it's like an offline you keep it offline okay yeah yeah legislate okay logistic yeah yeah it's like a usb stick you put all of it in there it comes with an app you download it on your phone

um and then um you monitor how much you've made how much you've lost it's exactly like a digital wallet like coinbase but it's offline and the what the the cryptos itself are kept on offline on a digital stick you know um and it's really really good so well hopefully on the sick we'll hear about the quantum financial system too

oh that's going to be good so um so do you think we're going to have a like a a qfs announcement on the six apart from that i'm hoping so i'm hoping so i know it's been they've been testing it all behind the scenes since july and they've you know the system itself is now working absolutely perfectly

it was just really there was a number of things that they had to do first before they made it totally live because what they didn't want to do was move corrupt money from the old swift system onto the quantum system that's not what they wanted to do so they had to be very very careful

wow so how about you know did you have you got any more news about how debt forgiveness is going to roll out

no i would imagine um that'll come step by step now um the next step will be to clarify the election which will happen this week and we'll see things happen and then the price the process will take time to roll out it'll be bit by bit by bit by bit and this will all be the wake-up call but that's how i see this week planning out

this week is going to be a lovely lovely week it's really important the election is the priority right now we need we need him to to win and he will i mean he has the rest will fall into place then exactly because he will win us he'll win everything yeah you have to understand that well everything he's done right now has been blocked by by congress so he's had to do everything by executive order and they thought by giving him the rights to executive orders um he would have abused his parents

of course he hasn't and that has left them were they on the face i think he's done a fantastic job with the executive orders and he's used a pandemic to his advantage to call it national security and justify those executive orders despite that they're temporary he's done a fantastic job he's just done another executive order as well yesterday the storm

yes i was gonna ask you about that that's called the um oh god what is it called um yes the trouble is i woke up this morning to 380 messages [Music] the built announcement yeah so the storm act wow the storm out here that's the one the ongoing risk mitigation act or storm that's it so safeguarding so storm stands for safeguarding tomorrow through ongoing risk mitigation act

what does that mean what do you understand of that because i wasn't too clear charlie when i read this i was a bit confused

well remember when we started this journey about saying he would announce when the storm was upon us right and i looked when i looked at the actual breakdown of that bill it refers to the dams to the dams yeah somebody pointed out to me where it was

let me just have a look i get so many things mental at the moment where are we very interesting yeah you couldn't make out what's going on at the moment so just if just explain what what does you know to people who are not sure what does dams mean

i don't know it's to do with the um oh right let me just i need to find it so you get a here we go what is hazard mitigation right because it's what the bill is about hazard mitigation describes actions taken to help reduce or eliminate long-term risk caused by hazards or disasters such as flooding earthquakes wildfires landslides or dam failure

right the damn failure was the dams uh in china wasn't that above where the servers are so this whole thing that when you talked about the storm being upon us they've picked up on that because mentioning the down failure because this is part of the uh the storm act the storm is upon us hashtag and that came that came from um lynn wood

so what kind of things would we expect to see now from the president after he's now you know passed this bill the storm act into law now what what kind of powers does it give the president to you know lame terms

i don't know i'm gonna i'm just gonna sit back and watch um and see all it does for me is just reconfirms reconfirms reconfirms everything that we've been saying and i've stopped pre-judging what's gonna happen and just because there's so much going on i'm quite happy to sit there and break it down uh and we get we we've got a number of people out there that are predicting dates and times and everything else and they're doing all the hard work

and i'm just sitting there and putting all the pieces together to provide clarity as to what's really really going on but if you're in the third dimension as you write you said you're not going to see any of this you need to you need to get yourself out of the box and see it from the outside then you'll see a lot

absolutely wow charlie it's been it's been really interesting um you know all this information we have to see what would you know what's going what's going to be rolled out the mega march is going to be on the 6th of january which will be on wednesday

which um we're expecting to see so many things i'm gonna have another meeting with you this time next week um so we can then discuss what's coming after that after you know we're yeah definitely but i think we'll probably also have another meeting within the next 24 hours

yes we've got some massive news coming haven't we yes and um should we just summarize um just so so that people can look forward to it what it is about it's we've got some inside information that is currently being decoded so we can get clarity on what's happening but we will be doing a show nick we'll be hosting it

i will be on it mel k will be on it um neil david suits will be on it and jason q will be on it that's right one not to miss right fantastic fantastic um we're gonna speak to tara and um you know pencil that meeting in and make sure everyone's on the same you know on the same track with it and we get we get on it

um well yeah thank you so much um yeah do you want to say anything else before we finish

no just what this is going to be an amazing year an amazing 2021 we're coming in we're moving from darkness into light enjoy the journey thank you so much so charlie you you enjoy the journey as well and um we'll speak very soon thank you bye-bye cheers