The Deep State Is In FULL Panic Mode Now As MAJOR Arrests Are Coming


The ENTIRE PLAN Explained From The Beginning!

This is probably one of the best video's I've watched in long time as it fully explains the plan by the good guys inside our military as they put together a 20+ year strategy to take down the Deep State.

You'll see how they needed General Flynn to plead guilty for something he never did as then all he knew (which was everything on the deep state) could then be converted from "classified information" to public "evidence"... genius move!

And how all the voting ballots were marked with a radioactive watermark that they can track them live as the deep state tries to move them around to hide the evidence.  This video is worth watching more then once.

Next week be on the lookout for crazy stuff happening.  The stock market should be wild too as more and more comes out into the public.  No wonder Nancy Peloski is panicking now... LOL!

Youtube took that video down it seems.  Fear not, I have a copy... LOL!  Stupid satanists never learn.  GOD wins ALWAYS!


  1. Not to seem skeptical but we have been hearing about the deepstate being taken down , not a damn thing has happened to Hillary, Brennan, clapper, soros, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, before January 20th trump needs to declare martial law, blackout the media and internet

    • It’s been a long time coming. I too have had my doubts in the past, be we needed to get the right president in place first. We have him now.

    • Oh, yes. That is the hallmark of a free democracy. Geez. Did ANY of you pay attention in high school history? Trump is a totalitarian dictator in the making…. First control the military, then control the media so no one will contradict the propaganda (lies) that are being told. He is following the Dictatorship for Dummies book to the letter!

      • I enjoyed high school. It was fun for most part. And yeah, a free democracy is something we all want, but we didn’t get it. We got fraud instead.

      • Are you not paying attention? HE is not the one who has shut down the media, the leftist commies have….so we can’t contradict the propaganda

  2. Need the sites you was saying to go on and videos you was saying to find. They removed video b4 I could go back n write them down.

    • I use a free program called WinX YouTube Downloader to save video’s to my computers’ hard drive before they take them down.

    • As long as the military is in control and the National Guard is at the White House I still believe this is all going to happen. The timeline though is unknown?

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