ES Morning Update January 11th 2021


As all of you regular readers know I rarely post over the weekend as this blog is primarily about the stock market. But I did several posts on Saturday and Sunday about politics as what's going on behind the scenes will affect the market as some point soon. I've said many times that once Trump wins we will see a Flash Crash, and I stick by that call.

It's coming, and the obvious date is inauguration day, the 20th. But it could happen at anytime before that if it's clear to the world that Trump has won. Bottom line here is I'd rather be short this market and wait out this big drop then to sit in cash and miss it trying to pick the exact date.

So far the high from last week has not be breached as the ES Futures are set to open down. I'm looking for this to continue through out the day but this entire week might be full of wild swings up and down as news comes out about what's happening with our brave military that is out there rounding up and arresting the major players with the Deep State. Lin Wood has put out several posts on Parler that it's "time for bankruptcy and a fresh start", so if that's not a code word for a crash is coming nothing is.

Anyway, for today I think we'll see the market drift down slowly with some small bounces but I do expect the high last week to hold and NOT get taken out anytime soon. It's time for the market to pullback in front of the 20th when President Trump will be re-elected again with his new Vice President, General Mike Flynn. Sit back and enjoy the show gang as we watch history happen. Have a Blessed Day.

P.S. This site was going down a lot over the weekend as it was getting so much traffic from the blog posts I did.  Sorry about that, but I can't control my hosting company.


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