Major Arrests Just Took Place – Nancy Pelosi – AOC – Joe Biden – Hunter – Kamala Harris – CEOs Of FB Twitter Youtube Etc


HUGE!  It's Going DOWN!

All these satanists have NOW been arrested!

Nancy Pelosi in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)
This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Joe Biden in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Hunter Biden in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Kamala Harris in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Mark Zuckerberg in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Jack Dorsey in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Ilhan Omar in Prison NOW for High Treason!


Governor Andrew Cuomo in Prison NOW for High Treason!


Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Vice President Micheal Pence poses for his official portrait at The White House, in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

Vice President Mike Pence in Prison NOW for High Treason!


Adam Schiff in Prison NOW for High Treason!


President William J. Clinton

Bill Clinton in Prison NOW for High Treason!

Hillary Clinton in Prison NOW for High Treason!


.... and many more I'm sure.  God Bless President Trump for taking down these satanists!

Here's a video of General Thomas Mcinerney

If for any reason youtube takes down this the video above here's another copy of it located on my hosting company...

I'm so excited that words just can't explain how I feel...




  1. If Pelosi was arrested on the 11th of January 2021, how was she in the House pushing for removal of President Trump.
    I pray somehow she has been arrested!

  2. Red Dragon,

    How do we know this is in fact true, all the information you stated in your almost 2 hours post? I would just like to make sure this is completely true.

  3. I’m assuming Nancy probably had an ankle monitor on long enough to allow the bullshit to flow out of her mouth. I bet they all have one on. I’m just assuming though. Who really knows at this point.

    • Rumour is most people in congress have ankle monitors but who knows whats true? Rumour also has it she was arrested,tried and executed! But then who is that walking around acting like her? According to Charlie Ward Biden was executed a year ago!!! Tis all too weird for me.All I can say for certain is that something really strange is going on.For example you cant impeach a civilian so how is it they impeached Trump after he left office? That’s a big red flag.There is so much that is off the wall, I feel like I am in an alternate world.

    • It’s not her.
      A.I. is assisting in planning manouvers to reduce American casualties.
      Actors, CGI and deepfakes are in operation.
      The reason being that the CCP is hanging out in the innermost depths of our bowels.
      These things take time to unroot. And an acute focus. There is much at stake here, not only are we dealing with our own corruption here, we by
      the grace of God must overcome the onset of ww3.
      China…..wants to get back some of the investment it has vested in many (MOST) of our public officials.

  4. Schiff was in the House yesterday and Pence was with Trump today. I was praying this was true but thinking it isn’t.

  5. Nancy Pelosi was presiding over the impeachment hearing on the 13th. Please stop spreading misinformation.Also, there hasn’t been an emergency message from Trump. Stop getting people riled up with your lies.

  6. Pelosi was not arrested at 3:00 a.m., because she was at the Hill at 3:00 p.m. 1/13/21 voting for impeachment.

    • I recently saw a video of Pelosi, Biden and Prince Charles’s clones. They looked almost identical but you could tell it was a different person. I’ve watched so much lately that I can’t remember where I saw this. If this isn’t true, it soon will be. Just keep the faith and be patient. Trump promised he would Drain the Swamp and I believe him.

  7. Not only is this site obviously a complete fraud as bad as the Presidential election itself but honestly it’s owners and whoever spewed the contents on the “arrests” should be held with severe consequences. It’s bad enough everyone’s emotions are high and we all are praying for the right thing but now you’re spreading these vicious lies and blatantly playing with peoples emotions and hopes. You should pay for this you idiot fucking bastards! You’re worse then the liberals themselves and you probably are one doing this sinful crap! May God dam you!

    • JC, first of all… that’s not my video. I love America and President Trump. I want this to be true, but I don’t have a clue if it’s real or not? I simply re-posted it for all to see. I do know there are real clones out there, look-a-likes, and doubles. Other video’s I’ve watched say that all the big satanists have already been arrested and they are replaced with look-a-like’s to allow this all to play out safely (under the control of the good guys) for the world to see, and wake the people up. I too pray all this is happening. I do not know how it’s all going to play out, but I’m hopeful just like you. May God Bless You.

  8. Guys, would Nancy Pelosi really wear the same outfit to the second impeachment vote as the first one? Even Jimmy Fallon noticed and called it her, “impeachment outfit.”. Wake up! Stop watching tel-LIE-vision programs……they program your mind & most definitely rot your brain. This report is correct and many others not even mentioned are at Gitmo, have already been executed, or are living out the rest of their lives in jail or on house arrest. Anyone that has elite level status in business, politics, Hollywood, or the music industry, has participated in the killing of innocent children around the world in order to extract the chemical, adrenochrome. It makes them look young, enhances their intelligence, & of course, makes them feel very euphoric. Remember hearing back in the 80’s that most movie stars etc sold their souls to the devil in order to get work? Yeah, that’s exactly what’s going on here. It’s what ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas,’ prove except in their own way. Body doubles, clones, stand ins or whatever you want to call them were created by Trump in order to prevent the complete shock of the rest of the world. We could only take a little at a time or we really could lose our minds!. This sheet is very, very real and runs even deeper than we ever could’ve imagined. God bless you all, it’s time that America IS Great Again!

    • yes.. you are spot on about the Andechromre. Children have been killed for this gland above the kidneys. You need alot of children to extract an amount to be used just for one person to use Andechrome.. sick, sick, sick..

  9. I’m confused. Alexandria Cortez was on the Rachel Maddow show today talking about how scared she was during the raid. On the news today 1-15-21, they showed Pence directing the military in front of the capital. Nancy Pelosi was interviewed on the same news program. What is the truth? Where are you getting your intel?

  10. I think none of them are gonn get arrested. people has been calling these arrests for decades. i see nothing happening.

    • I do too, and I do not know if this is true or not. I only re-posted it and pray that all those satanists did get arrested, put up on trial in a military court, and executed if found guilty of crimes against humanity and treason. We’ll know in a few more days I guess.

          • Yeah, no doubt that is something that he should have kept to himself as it makes him look crazy. But there’s plenty of others at there that support the idea that Deep State has already been taken out and what we see now are body doubles or clones. It doesn’t take much research to see that the people that were at Biden inauguration weren’t the real ones. Hilary for example looked much shorter then the real Hillary. Obama did not look the same. It all looked like bad actors to me. Of course we know that they are NOT at the White House but at Castle Rock Studios.

    • What a croc of shit, body doubles, clones, what fucking planet do you live on? Look at them closer, you can tell they are different people, Jesus h Christ, red you’re not right on the head. Red get some psychiatric help, you seriously need it.

  11. Today is Jan 20, 2021. If the Deep State have all been arrested, then why did President Trump leave office and have his belongings shipped?!

  12. SueSue2020 I heard Florida will be the new place for Trump when he’s back in office. He has no interest in the DC territory. But I also question the dates being changed. And ppl seeing these supposedly dems on TV…are they clones? I have my hopes up then I start to question everything.

    • The White House is extremely satanic. Besides the obvious layout that looks like a pentagon, there’s the issue of children being tortured to death in underground tunnels. So yeah, I think we’ll have a new capital when all this is over with. I don’t know where but FL is probably on the list.

  13. Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 7, 2021…..possible chance that a revelation may be made today a half time??? Thought entered my sqooshed up brain!!!!

  14. ppl go to and see the body clone masks and the clones themselves and u will understand more

  15. It has been a month, now, since the posting of this information. The only support I have have seen to back up what you have brought forward are 2 things: A video of Nancy Pelosi possibly escorted by two female officers around the Capital Bldg., and other sources who say Apple and Google may attempt an upload to block EBS messages. I still receive messages on my phone about abducted children, etc., still nothing from Trump. As much as I long for justice to prevail and desire for your information to be correct, I ask for more. Can you, please, post another video/audio providing a source, or where we can go to verify some of these claims? I find no information on the internet showing Pence, the Clintons, etc. being arrested, but I expect that whether or not that is true. Thank you! P.S. – I went to SimonParks but could not find anything.

      • Red: Thank you for responding with that video. First, I was appalled (now I truly know the meaning of that word!) to learn the source of the children used in that ped. ring. Absolutely disgusting and abhorrent! I have added Mr. Holmseth’s website to my list of those I monitor.

        Second, while poking around on his website, I found stories and reports of those arrested or killed, but can not find any substantial evidence to uphold that claim. One thing I DID see which has merit is the MANY photos of people with boots on. I mean, C’mon, man! There’s now way that many famous people could have possibly injured their ankles at about the same time and ALL requiring a boot instead of a cast! Something’s afoot! (pun intended) But I am not seeing that one last link to put it together. For instance, in the video of “Joe’s plane”, I see the dirty, dented black SUV with an 8″ Presidential Seal sticker stuck on the back door, and I see the smoke from the jet engine, but I did not actually see Joe himself emerge from the SUV and board the plane.

        I’m reaching out — I wanna come on board the boat. But, you’ll have to reach an extra 6″ for me. I hope you will. And, feel perfectly free to provide additional contacts like Timothy Holmseth and Simon Parkes. (I remembered the “e” that time!)

        • If you want to go down the rabbit hole deeper Mark you’ll learn the unpleasant truth. I’ve saved a lot of video that YouTube deleted. I’ve put them here for all to see and download.

          For “The Big Picture” I’d start with “Q The Plan To Save The World”. Also watch “The Invisible Enemy”. Then watch “What You Didn’t Know” as that’s one that tells me it’s just a movie playing out as Trump and our White Hats took these satanists down back in 2017, but they have to let this show go on (with body doubles or clones) to wake up the masses.

          Other video’s talk about the hoax virus, which are one’s with a doctors name in them. Then there are one’s about the pedophilia there too, and even some on the ALL CAPITAL NAME, which is your strawman name. You’ll be watching for days but if you watch even half of them you’ll be woken up to the matrix we live in.

  16. Q like Trump put its tail between its legs and ran away instead of putting on its big boy pants and fighting. We are stuck for 4 yrs of Biden’s demented laws. Suck it up. No one to save you or anyone else.

  17. Hi, Judy. I felt the same way you do, until I starting asking questions and looking around. I didn’t look for “fellow conspiracy theorists” to bolster my hopes and dreams; rather, I looked for information to make sense of what I was seeing outside the former msm (main stream media). So, what did I see that made me question the “reality” msm was portraying — that JB is the lawful POTUS and fulfilling that role as normal?

    1. The furniture in the WH has not been changed from Trump’s choices, such as the gold draperies;
    2. No video of JB getting on Marine 1 at the WH or AF 1 at Andrews JAFB;
    3. No video of JB getting into “The Beast” and being driven around;
    4. Several heads of state worldwide NOT congratulating JB on his victory, and no visit by the Queen with a gift;
    5. Trump provided transport by AF 1 and The Beast to Mar-a-Lago on his way out (not normal);
    6. Reports of Trump STILL meeting with top generals and admirals (they should be talking to the Pres., not a former Pres.);
    7. “Q” just a “right wing theory”? What is the 17th letter of the alphabet? Q. So:
    How many flags behind Trump when he gave his “goodbye”? 17
    Former Pres’. given sports jerseys had their number on them (44 for Obama, 43 for Bush, etc.). Trump? 17
    Web search for aerial views of the burial sites of JFK and Princess Diana, and Neverland Ranch
    8. People in Europe watched JB’s inauguration 7 hours before it happened (obviously, pre-recorded)
    9. When JB made his way through DC on Jan 20, the military did not salute, but turned their backs as he passed
    10. When laying the wreath at Arlington, the military personnel did not wear honor braids nor rank insignia, nor was JB allowed to touch the wreath and walk with it to the stand. This is totally opposite of the experience of previous presidents
    11. JB received a 21 gun salute from 3 cannons, not 4. Per SOP’s, 4 are for Presidents and 3 are for visiting dignitaries. The first salvo of this salute was a dud and was never re-fired.
    12. People in other countries acknowledge JB is not in control of the US, but the military is. Two leaders: 1 general and 1 from FEMA.
    13. Why is the room rate at the Trump Hotel in DC charging 3x the rate for the nights of March 3 & 4?
    And the list goes on, and on, and on, …..

    Judy (and to those with the same viewpoint), no one can make you change your mind, nor is there (at this time) video which will show you with absolute proof and clarity what is happening behind the scenes. You never tell your enemy what you are really doing or are about to do, but you can leave small ” bread crumbs” for those paying attention to assure them the good guys are still in control and things are moving along as planned.

    May I suggest instead of insulting Trump by saying he put his tail between his legs and ran away when the American people needed him the most, please consider he didn’t. Please consider the possibility there is a plan to save this Republic and that many people are very busy behind the scenes making this happen. Don’t give up on 45 just yet; rather, dig around and look for those clues, those “bread crumbs”. I did, and I found a few. And the more I dig, the more I find.

    Don’t give up hope and trust for just a little while longer “The Don” is still working for us and for this great nation. If JB, KH, and NP are left in power any longer, they will destroy what’s left of our Republic, and I have learned there are 80 generals who won’t let that happen, and I truly believe God is not done with this nation! Keep the faith, even if it’s just hope and not belief!

  18. If Trump is waiting to wake people up have congress to start making stupid laws to start going door to door and take our guns away.

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