ES Morning Update March 30th 2021


Not much happened yesterday as the bulls gained a little ground. The did test the current all time high coming just 2 points shy of it on the SPX and about 7 points on the ES. The longer they hang around here the more likely it's going to be broken through. This week is the best one for the bulls as volume is usually light due to the market being closed this Friday and Easter Sunday this weekend.

So there shouldn't be too much selling pressure I'd think. That of course doesn't guarantee a breakout is going to happen either. But the market is still in an uptrend until it's not as the old saying goes. As for today I don't really have much to say. Looks like more consolidation is in play, and if there's going to be a breakout I don't know which day it's going to happen. But again, this week is better for the bulls if they plan to do it. I'll keep this update short and end it here. Have a great day.

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