ES Morning Update April 1st 2021


The big news today is the VIX closing the gap at 18.21 from the gap up on 2/21/20. If that doesn't tell you we are close to a major top in the market nothing will. I don't see it today of course as my upside targets aren't hit yet. But next week I am looking for them to be reached and the final high put in this market before it falls off a cliff again. This morning the futures are up some but I don't expect any breakout today. Probably more grind or choppy action. Don't forgot that Friday the cash market is closed for the holidays. So have a great 3 days weekend and get ready for next week as by Wednesday I expect to see the last high before we tank. Jesus is the reason for this Sunday, so give him all the thanks if you catch this coming crash. Have a blessed day.

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