ES Morning Update April 26th 2021


We got the squeeze I was looking for on Friday as I flipped back to bullish due to the bears failure to break support. This morning it's basically flat, and might be kinda choppy until the FOMC meeting this Wednesday. Overall though the bias is still up, with much higher targets... like 4350+ on the SPX. I'm looking for a final blow off rally to just kill every last bear. I don't know if this week will do it or if it runs up into the monthly options expiration for May, but it's very close now. This squeeze should happen in about a week and be 5-7% up, as that's about what it will take to get all the shorts out. I'll keep this post short and just say that patience's is the key here. I'm holding my longs but once this blow off happens I'm a mega bear. Have a great day.

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