ES Morning Update May 20th 2021


Yesterdays turn date put in a low, so we should be going up from here. Chart wise it looks like a medium wave 1 up of about 150 points from the 4029 low to the 4178 high around 3:30 am yesterday. I mentioned this already of course, as that small wave 5 up ended with just one wave to all medium 2 down to start after that... which probably ended yesterday as well.

If so then we are in the early stages of medium wave 3 up, which will of course subdivide into 5 small waves, and those waves might have tiny waves inside them too. I'm not going to try and guess what wave we are in on that small and tiny scale. I'm just going to keep focused on the bigger picture, which is that we should go up today some and probably more on Friday after all these smaller (and tiny) waves get finished.

If all goes well they will all end in early June and allow this market to take a real correction, like 10-15%... or maybe even just go ahead and crash 60-70%, who knows? That's all I have for today. I'll keep this post short and end it here. Have a blessed day.

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