ES Morning Update July 1st 2021


Time sure does go by fast. We just finished the first half of 2021 and start the second half today. It will be Christmas before you know it at this rate. People will be running around scared again with double masks in fear of a virus that doesn't exist. How did they brainwash so many people I wonder?

Anyway, I'll move on as I could talk about that subject for hours. One more day of this chop to slow grind higher, which I fully expect them to use the last day of the week tomorrow to close over 4300 so it looks good going into the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Today should close green too as mutual fund companies start the third quarter out with new money from the retail public. You would think they get money weekly with todays instant transfer abilities but for whatever reason more money is put into funds on a quarterly basis.

Speaking of... my cousin works for a big pharmaceutical company, and has a 401k plan of course. Money is taken out of his check each pay period to be put into that retirement account, and he has the ability to pick from about 6-7 different mutual fund companies with a simple App on his cell phone. Some are very aggressive and others conservative.

I have him in the conservative fund now as I told him the market doesn't have much more upside left and I don't want him trapped in the aggressive fund if a sell signal triggers here in July and we get a large correction, or crash. Better to be safe and leave some money on the table (if the market goes higher) then to lose all the gains in a panic drop.

Oh... and on that note I'll go back to masks. He has to wear a full body suit when he goes into the room where they make the various pills. That's the ONLY way to keep the germs in your mouth from contaminating the product. So if you think masks protect you from a virus that doesn't exist then you've been lied too, tricked, swindled, manipulated, brainwashed, bedazzled, hoodwinked, etc...

Ok, back to the market. Today should be another nothing day. A total waste of your time to set and watch the tape as it's not going to be very interesting. So take the day off.. heck, take tomorrow off too. For you Americans (like me) get you some fireworks, hot dogs and hamburgers. Get ready for the 4th of July holiday. Celebrate Independence Day by flipping the bird to the deep state and all the social distancing crap. Hug your friends and neighbors, and have a very Blessed Day.

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