ES Morning Update August 16th 2021


Last week, as I'm sure you know, my site went down. I don't know if it was hacked or just a coincidence, but I was able to get it back up over the weekend. The funny thing is that when my hosting company did a full scan on the site for viruses and malware they found NONE... so how and why it went down is a mystery to me. And the timing of it is also strange as I think we've topped in the market and will be going down from here forward. We hit and entered the major resistance zone of 4460-4480 ES and so far it's marked the high.

The DOW also hit and entered a projected zone by one of Peter Eliades free video's. That was between 35,509.85 to 35,725.98 and we hit 35,610.57 on Friday. Everything says we've topped and a correction (or flash crash) is coming next. I'm a bear from here on out and will remain one until we bottom. I might not write as many posts during this time but I'll certainly write one when I think we've bottomed. I'm pretty tired accurately and just need to relax a little. What's going to happen isn't something I can stop or worry about. I have my position and will ride it out, good or bad. I could be totally wrong and that's fine... I'll adjust if so, but I think I'm right so I'll play it like a winner. Have a blessed day.


After I wrote the morning post this new fake print came out... arrrrrgggh!

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