ES Morning Update August 31st 2022


Yesterdays drop went deeper then I thought it would, but it does look like the Extra Tiny Wave 5 is finished now... which also means Tiny Wave C is done and that should do it for Small Wave 4 down. It's lining up nicely with the weakness into the end of August too, so from here on out we should see a powerful rally for Small Wave 5 up.

I estimate it will top around the middle of next week and it should run the stops above the 4327 high for Small Wave 3 up. That means we could see 4400+ before this entire 5 wave rally up from the 3639 ends. If we reach 4400 or more I suspect every bear will give up and get long looking for new all time highs, but the Seasonality Chart begs to differ... and it's been tracking so well that I have to become a bear at that point when everyone else becomes a bull.

It's kinda like right now everyone is bearish and I'm bullish, so until I see something happen to completely change my forecast I'm staying with it. As for today some consolidation might be the plan, at least the first half the day, but I'm leaning bullish here with the low yesterday marking the end of Small Wave 4 down. Have a blessed day.

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