SPECIAL REPORT – This Code Could Mark The Coming Low


First I want to say...

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Revisiting the past to see the future?

I was just relaxing today being happy to be alive and in a warm home with super cold temperature outside.  For some reason I just decided to look through a folder on my computer looking for some picture, which I never found.  But as I was scrolling I found this passport image and noticed how close the date on it is and thought I'd do this quick special report about it.

My Secret Terrius (2018)


Now I don't know if this passport is a valid signal or not but I find it very interesting that the show predicted the Corona Virus...


Why is that important you ask?

Well, there was a prior movie that predicted the low in 2020 that the meaning of that movie is quite obvious... to purge the unwanted (off by 2 days, but was basically the low for the market).  No hidden secret there.  So both movies have a similar message about killing people to reduce the population, so both movies could be used to foretell the future low date in the stock market.

The Purge (2013)


Maybe this all means nothing but there's so much negatively align right now with the market that I can't ignore it.  Beside the super bearish wave count there's the bearish Seasonality for January, and the Fed trying to push the market down too.  The technical picture is horrible as well with all the indexes are under the 200 day simple moving average, and have many other technicals bearish looking too (except the DOW but it's close to losing it).

No one seems to be stepping up to buy at these levels but the retail as the big boys keep buying shorts for hedges and some longs but nothing huge.  Smart money is very cautious right now and until they decide to get onboard the bull train the market isn't going up for anything more then just oversold bounces.

I've tried and tried to find something to support the bulls and even ignored the bearish facts I've found but I can't just bury my head in the sand here.  There's just too much evidence here of a very bearish outcome in the near future that I must be open to it happening.  Odds of the October low holding seem slim to me right now.

And while I don't know the "when" part I do think we will take it out in 2023 at some point and could hit 3000 or lower before we put in a real bottom.  Will it be into January 8th, 2023?  Who knows?  Only time will tell, but I'm prepared if it happens as I have both longs and shorts on now.

Have a Merry Christmas and never forget that this day is about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  May he bless you and your family.


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