For a limited time only you can join for FREE and get access to Red's Private Chatroom and Forum.

I "WILL" be charging for this in the near future as running the chatroom cost me money out of my pocket, and it's not something I need to do, it's just my way of "giving back" to all the long time, faith readers of this blog.

I assure you that I'll be charging a monthly fee in the future.  But I will give a HUGE discount to all those that join now and participate in the room on a regular basis.  As a team we can all help each other survive and profit from the coming market changes that will surely affect everyone's lives in the future.

The Invitation Pass Code Is:


You are now on your SECOND Step In Joining..

Now go back to the previous page and enter the code to continue so that you can input all you details.

Some people reported that they are having trouble with the invite code and can't get signed up.  If you have issues just email me and I'll manually set up your account.  Currently, there's no charge as I've decided to keep the room free of charge.

If for some reason you can't get signed up with the above method you can use this alternate login with one of your social networks.   Please be sure to go into the chatroom and say "Hello" as otherwise when I see strange email addresses come in as "new members" I might think you are some "auto-bot" signing up to spam the site.  And of course I'll delete that account.  I've just been hit with so much "Brute Force Attacks" with software that signs up fake accounts that I have been forced to add extra steps to try and prevent this.  So if you are a real person just let me know.

Thanks... Red

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