Saturday, April 20, 2024

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ES Morning Update April 19th 2024

A nothing day yesterday as the chop continued. This 5050 area on the ES is critical support for the bulls, which is why it's...

ES Morning Update April 18th 2024

The market finally broke down yesterday but then recovered a lot of it before the close. Nothing really to do right now but wait...

ES Morning Update April 17th 2024

A "pause" day yesterday as the market completed what I think was Extra Tiny Wave 4 and 5, which completed Tiny Wave 3 down....

ES Morning Update April 16th 2024

Another tricky move yesterday as we did get an early rally that looked like it might be going up to the FP on the...

ES Morning Update April 15th 2024

What a disaster for the bulls last Friday. I thought we would rally back up as the technicals where getting down in a zone...

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