Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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ES Morning Update June 12th 2024

Big day today the CPI and the FOMC will certainly cause some big moves in the market one way or the other. My lean...

ES Morning Update June 11th 2024

A whole lot of nothing yesterday as we drifted lower in the first half of the day and floated back up the second half....

ES Morning Update June 10th 2024

Still missing one last wave up I think, which I thought we would see on Friday but it never happened... or did it? That...

ES Morning Update June 7th 2024

Not much to say today as yesterday did exactly what I thought... went sideways. It's forming a bull flag to breakout again and to...

ES Morning Update June 6th 2024

We've rallied into the green trendline now and made a new high. We will likely push through it by Friday and go for the...

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