About this site...

Red Dragon Leo is about how to trade the stock market.  I do almost daily video's covering technical analysis of the market with forecasts of where the market should go next.  I also cover the darkside of trading, and how the market isn't a "free market" at all, but instead one totally controlled and manipulated by the government.

I cover the group behind the manipulation, who are known as the Illuminati, and how they use fake print to tell everyone where they plan to take the market next.  I cover "false flag" events that the Illuminati stage to crash the market when they want to take money from it.

I also go over how the Illuminati worship aliens, and how some of them are actually reptilian aliens posing as humans.  Yes, it's really "out there", but that's where the rabbit hole leads to... when you start investigating the stock market.  While I started out with just simple technical analysis, I soon discovered the manipulation in the market, which lead to the Illuminati... which lead to aliens.  Crazy huh?

About me...

Well... what I say about myself?

First, let me quickly explain the name. The "Red Dragon" part is what I am in the Chinese Zodiac. The Leo part is my Astrological Sign. So, I was born in August, in the year of the Dragon. Simple enough!

Alright, enough about that. I'm a swing trader (mainly options) that has spent the last year reading and following several blogs and websites. Some of those are Hotoptionbabe.com Evil Speculator, Cobra's Blog, Slope of Hope, and The Chart Pattern Trader.

Many thanks go out to all those who tirelessly publish daily updates on those blogs and others too. I couldn't possibly find the time to make so many posts, so I simply threw this blog up to post content that I didn't think I wanted to publish on other people's blogs.

I have no intention of trying to compete with any of the other blogs mentioned on this site, but instead just use this site for my own amusement.

My little brain's  tired now, so that's all for now. I am a complete incompetent lost all in the stock market and am fooling each and everyone one of you..so there!