Saturday, July 13, 2024

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ES Morning Update July 12th 2024

We finally started a pullback, so now we wait and watch for the charts to get reset, which I don't think they will get...

ES Morning Update July 11th 2024

Yesterday I said there was an FOMC meeting and a CPI release, but I was wrong. It was only Jay Powell speaking and the...

ES Morning Update July 10th 2024

More chop yesterday, but today we have the CPI and the FOMC, so there should be some volatility today. I really don't have much...

ES Morning Update July 9th 2024

Grinding a little higher, but that's fine as I'm patient and just waiting to see if the pullback happens as taking short right now...

ES Morning Update July 8th 2024

I went ahead an took the day off last Friday even though the market was open. It was another up day as expected and...

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