Friday, May 24, 2024

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ES Morning Update May 24TH 2024

The bears held the line yesterday and stopped the bulls from breaking through. The bulls tried really hard but got exhausted and the bears...

ES Morning Update May 23rd 2024

Well, the pullback came before Nvida came out and then they used it to erase the pullback completely and rally back up to make...

ES Morning Update May 22nd 2024

More "basing" yesterday, which again is bullish 70-80% of the time. We have Nvida earnings today, which could cause a breakout or breakdown from...

ES Morning Update May 21st 2024

Another nothing day on Monday as the market continues to "base" to setup the next big move, which at this point it could be...

ES Morning Update May 20th 2024

This has been a huge failure for the two FP's on the SPY from the Yahoo site as I'm still scratching my head as...

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