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Why physical therapists get the most love on Tinder

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.
It seems that people superlike physical therapists.

It was only when I moved to America that I learned the appropriate first question when you meet someone: What do you do for a living?

We're quite into money over here and we need to get an immediate gauge on where you stand on the lucre spectrum.

Does this apply even to matters of love? Please be the judge as we discuss the helpful statistics just released by Tinder.

You'll be familiar with this app. You swipe right if you like the look of someone. You swipe left if you don't. If only we could vote for politicians that way.

Tinder decided to see which jobs were the most right-swiped. The company introduced the ability to add your job to your profile only three months ago.

Could it be that those desperate for (at least one night of) love choose to swipe certain professions?

You will choke on your cherry yogurt when I tell that the most swiped profession among males was "pilot." It's as if the 1950s never ended. Which some political types would prefer it hadn't.

It gets worse. In the slipstream of our captains came "founder/entrepreneur." It seems that those who wish to sleep with men, wish to sleep with men who have a lot of options.

It's painful to contemplate that "founder/entrepreneur" has crept up to defeat "firefighter" and "doctor."

As if to show how the pecking order is structured in the tech world, "engineer" staggered in at seventh -- which, to my mind, is a wonderful result, given the potential for abject and permanent boredom.

What, though, might be the desired female professions that enjoy right-swipes?

At the top is physical therapist.

I hesitate to even offer a potential explanation. I feel sure that you can insert your own -- something that includes the words "fit" or "massage," I suppose.

Next comes "interior designer." Third place, however, offers a heartening result: "founder/entrepreneur."

Could it be that more and more people feel the need to be with women who might make a buck or two -- or two million?

On the female side, "PR/communications" comes in fourth. On the male side, it's nowhere to be seen. This reflects my own experience with PR/communications professionals.

Here's one final uplifting thought.

In 8th place among the most right-swiped men was "model." It came only 10th among women.

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