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ES Morning Update August 10th 2016


Ok gang, I'm going to keep this short and simple (as today is my 52nd birthday).  The QQQ's had a FP a few days ago of 118.77 and Apple had multiple FP's in the 109 area a month or so back.  Since the futures haven't fallen and are just up slightly I can only think that today is going to be another boring day while they try to push the market up a little more to meet their target areas.  So I'll just be watching the QQQ's and Apple for clues as when they hit their FP's the ES Futures might be at 2190 or so.  That would be when I'd "think" about shorting again.  Until those FP's are hit I'm just sitting on the sidelines (and eating cake and ice cream... LOL).

Author: Red

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