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TIME Magazine Releases New Cover on Donald Trump: ‘Meltdown’

It's Almost Over

The new edition of TIME magazine features a cover story titled, "Inside Donald Trump's Meltdown," chronicling Donald Trump's disastrous three weeks since his unsuccessful and poorly-managed Republican National Convention.

While the cover image is worth a thousand words, here's a telling excerpt:

"Like the rest of the party, Trump’s staff has been flummoxed by his political naiveté. They describe a candidate who doesn’t understand the basics of modern campaigns, from why you knock on doors to how to read a poll to why he should be dialing for dollars more aggressively. His headquarters has enough palace intrigue and warring fiefs to rival the fictional badlands of Westeros. 'You’re always afraid of getting fired,' says one staffer, 'but it’s his fault, not ours.'"

And this, talk about Trump's relationship with RNC chairman Reince Priebus, stating, "every bond has its breaking point. For this partnership, the moment nearly arrived in early August. Priebus was on vacation when he learned that Trump had declined to endorse Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House and a close friend. The chairman had a frank message for the nominee, according to two Republican officials briefed on the call. Priebus told Trump that internal GOP polling suggested he was on track to lose the election. And if Trump didn’t turn around his campaign over the coming weeks, the Republican National Committee would consider redirecting party resources and machinery to House and Senate races."

The cover just says, "Meltdown."

New cover: Inside Donald Trump’s meltdown http://ti.me/2aM0SBN 

Well guys...
I won't say that magazine covers have always be accurate at forecasting the future but as regular followers of this blog know... the "elite" (aka... gangsters, criminals, banksters, illuminati, etc...) do tend to tell us sheep in advance of what evil they plan to do to us.
So, assuming "they" own and fully control Time Magazine (and "yes" I'm sure they do) this could truly be a coded message to the insiders (and us sheep that are woke up and watching) that "they" plan to let Trump win and then blame the "already planned" stock market crash on him.  There you go... Trump is their new "scapegoat"!
Red  🙂


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