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ES Morning Update November 8th 2016


Happy Election Day!  Be sure to go vote for Satan or Lucifer today as every vote counts... not really as only 538 "electoral" people do the voting but you can get a cool badge that says you voted so it must be something.

Ok, yesterday near the close I said I thought today would be a "pause" day where we trade sideways to slightly down as the short term charts are too overbought.  I'll stick with that forecast and only add that there could be a late day rally after the 60 minute chart and possibly this 2 hour chart work off most of the overbought conditions.  I don't think that's the way SkyNet has it planned but it's possible (especially if they surprise us with a Trump victory).  I think most America's know the elections are rigged and Krooked Killiary has already be chosen, so assuming she wins we should rally up Wednesday to hit the FP on the SPY from a week or so ago.  That's not too much higher so again... "if" for some reason they rally into the close today to tag that FP then we might be looking at some surprise tomorrow.

My thoughts on it are that they would pull some move that hints at a Trump victory where wall street panic's and dumps the market Wednesday and then they recount them and say Hilliary won and the market rallies back up.  It's all just a game to steal your money with these wild swings up and down.  Any trader with that can do any critical thinking would have put two and two together and come to the conclusion that the FBI re-opening the email case on Hilliary a week before the election was just staged to benefit her when the weekend before the election they come out and say she's innocent and that they are dropping the case.  Total bullshit of course but it trapped the bears short with the big squeeze up yesterday, which I'm sure was planned as well.  Traders should not expect much on the downside today as once SkyNet traps the shorts it rarely gives them any chance to get out.

So, assuming we don't rally up into the close and tag the FP on the SPY, I'm expecting a choppy sideways day today and the rally up tomorrow after Hilliary gets elected.  But if we rally today instead and hit that FP then I'm looking for some kind of scare that Trump won to drop the market on Wednesday.  Another "Flash Crash" I guess you'd call it?  Then on Thursday you recount the votes and give to Hilliary as that was always the plan anyway.  But a "fake out" drop is worth Trillions of dollars to them if they turn it into a flash crash.  Never under estimate these criminals that run the market guys.  Let's not forget that Wednesday is also 11-9-2016, or 911 backwards.  I'm not saying anything is going to happen but I'd be a bear again if the FP on the SPY is hit by the close today.  Remember, the last big drop (mini-crash) was on 9-9-2016 and 2+0+1+6=9, or 999... flipped is 666.  These Satanist that run the market love their ritual numbers, so be on guard.

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