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ES Morning Update September 12th 2018

Nine years ago today I started this blog. It's hard to believe I'm still doing it. Back then using disqus for you comments was the newest "cool" thing that many wordpress users switched to. Today I'm sure it's still around as I see some blogs with it still but others went back to the native wordpress comments as it evolved to allow users to login via twitter, google plus, fackbook, or wordpess... which back then people had to sign up with wordpress to create an account just to post on someones blog.

Things have changes for sure since then. Facebook was just getting started and MySpace was still the hot new thing. The stock market had bottomed earlier that year from crashing in late 2008. I had little to no knowledge about understanding technicals and other charting methods... but I learned as time went on. I discovered my first fake print a few months later on January 11th, 2010... and at the time I didn't know what to call them so I made up the name "Fake Print" and today I've seen many well known sites like ZeroHedge start calling them that name too... LOL. When I saw that FP (fake print) hit a month later I knew then the market was rigged.

Since then I've had to learn more cryptic methods and look for signals via numerology in the price as well as the date, plus the FP's. It's not easy to predict as the people that control the market allow certain technicals to work I'd guess about 80% of the time. Then they completely fail and your only hope is if you caught some FP and/or some codes in the numbers. It is what is is I guess, for if it were a fairly traded the market the elite couldn't get rich as the smart poor traders would start winning too much.

Anyway, enough about that. For today I really don't see anything to lean the market one direction or the other. Odds aren't high for a rally or a deep drop (due to the lack of volume). Both the 2 and 6 hour charts look exhausted and want to rollover but without volume they could just reset back up in another day or two. The daily chart is overbought too and is rolling over on its MACD's. The weekly chart shows negative divergence on it as well. Everything signals a move down is coming soon, but the "when" part is tough to predict. Next Tuesday is 09/18/18, which is 999 or 666 upside down. Possibly that will be the date we top and start the next drop? But this week it's looking more like more light volume chop to tease bears and bulls alike. I'd love to see a blow off top to the FP I got back on 02/27/18 but we're still about 30 points (SPX) below it now... so it's a ways off yet. That's all I have for today.

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