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ES Morning Update November 19th 2019

Yesterday just shortly before the close my website went down. I sent in a support ticket to my hosting company but as of right now (Tuesday morning) it's still not back up. So I'm getting on the chat with then now, and if I get to post this morning update then you'll know they got the website back up.  Usually they fix it pretty quickly so I shouldn't worry I guess.

Not much to add anyway as the market continues to climb the wall of worry again today. If it can continue right into the last trading day in front of Thanksgivings, without having any large pullbacks and big volume days, then odds will shift quite a bit in favor of the bears.

Again, I would not be surprised to see a drop start right after the holiday, which part of it should be on Friday November 29th and continue into Monday December 2nd. Then a bounce from the buy the dippers I guess the rest of that week. It's too early to try and figure out the day to day moves beyond the first drop, which is hard enough to predict by itself.

This is just my "best guess" based on several things I follow. If you are a bear then you should root for the market holding up and not collapsing until after Thanksgiving and if this happens the way I've described then we should have conformation of a bear market starting there afterwards.

Have a blessed day.


Author: Red

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