Saturday, June 15, 2024

ES Morning Update March 18th 2024

The market finished an ABC down last week for a Small Wave 4 last week most likely and we should be in Small Wave 5 up this week. It will likely unfold in 5 sub-waves with the 1 up happening today, and likely the 2 down tomorrow... which could be very small. Then the 3 up is likely to happen after the FOMC on Wednesday, and again the 4 should be small.

Then lastly the 5 up should complete Small Wave 5 up by this Friday, or possibly next Monday. My FET (Fibonacci Extension Target) is 5334 on the ES, which ideally gets hit... but "time" and "pattern" is super important too. Meaning that if we get close to that zone this Friday I'll be looking for a short.

I've taken 5 longs over the past month and no shorts, but if this plays out I will be taking my first short in a long time. I'm not going into too much more as I'm still working on the bugs of the site. It's completely a 100% clean now of all malware. I started off in a new server with nothing on it, and I'm using a new wordpress theme.

I cleaned up all the old links too, but I'm still waiting on my hosting company to update the SSL certificate, so currently the HTTPS is not working. Only the HTTP showing the website. So a browser that allows that must be used to see the site. I tried it on google chrome but it won't allow it. But Firefox allows it, and so does the Yandex browser. I've not tries others, but hopefully this is all fixed by my hosting company in the next few days.

Have a blessed day.

Author: Red

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