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The 2017 Economist cover: Do you really want to know what it means?


Trump & 2017 Economist Cover: Do You Really Want To Know What It Means?

TMR Editor’s Report:
The following extended essay on the 2017 Economist Cover is extremely telling and radioactive, to say the very least.

For anyone who really wants to know the hidden Tarot meaning of this cover, especially where it concerns the future of the entire planetary civilization, keep on reading.

The Rothschild Code – The World in 2017 – Planet Trump

Serge Bernard does a great job of teasing out the secret messaging of the very symbolic cover art.  Truly, it is pregnant with esoteric meaning and clandestine signage.  It reveals the thinking of the international banksters*, and particularly their vision of the future of the world.

*The Economist is half owned by the Rothschild clan and the Agnelli Black Nobility family of Northern Italy, each having an equal share of the 50% ownership.

The Millennium Report
December 5, 2016

The Rothschild Code – The World in 2017 – Planet Trump

The Tarot Cards On The Economist Cover
About The World For 2017

By Serge Bernard

The respectable English magazine “The Economist” [that extols the virtues of economic liberalism] expresses world oligarchs financial and political views. It is owned 50% by the English branch of the Rothschild family and the Agnelli Family. The remaining 50% are owned by private investors, editors and staff members. Each year, the Economist publishes a special issue about the year to come –illustrated by its cryptic cover– that is always revealing of Rothschild world views. The issue about 2017 is no exception and is surprising as its cover is showing eight modified tarot cards, making hidden messages more accessible.


A Few Words About Rothschild Materialism and Spirituality

This article follows last week astro-tarologic article “Who Are Those Secretive Billionaires Ruling The World And Our Lives?” The tarot cards presence on the 2017 Economist cover indicate that the oligarchs who are materially mega-rich may start to realize that they are also spiritually mega-poor. While they look at the world for more material  power, they may become aware that human destruction will not bring them more happiness and freedom rather it will bring them less. Not a good deal. With the eight tarot cards analyzed one by one, Rothschild world vision will become clearer.

World Previsions According to Rothschild


The eight tarot cards need to be interpreted, literally and symbolically, from Rothschild perspective and not from the reader viewpoint. The cards don’t present events predictions, but Rothschild opinion about his world vision. This year messages are somewhat more open than in the past for who can understand the tarot cards literal and symbolic meanings. When talking about the future we must distinguish three possible approaches: (1) forecasting, (2) anticipation, and (3) opinion. (1) It is my belief that no one can predict future events, not even Rothschild. As evidence, the complete absence of Trump on the 2016 Economist cover. Events only exist after being produced. (2) However, it is possible to express anticipations of trends and potentials in the light of existing facts, such as for instance global events created or planned by the oligarchy, and (3) Anyone can express opinions about the future, which are only engaging their authors, whom then have the same right to error than meteorologists or doctors. In a nutshell, futurologists, whether oligarchs, economists or anyone, can’t make forecasts. They only reveal the present to those who are still stuck in the past. This applies to Rothschild visions as well.

The Eight Tarot Cards from the 2017 Economist Cover


Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.
J.P. Morgan

Targeted to an educated and influential readership, the Economist is a magazine representing issues from an economic, political and cultural liberalism point of view (free trade, globalisation and free immigration). That oligarchs are showing an interest for the esoteric world shouldn’t be a surprise. They are very lonely at the top and their spiritual vacuum is huge. The tarots cards on the Economist cover may represent a desire to reconcile the material world to the esoteric and spiritual world.

Here are some comments before analyzing the eight selected tarot cards: (1) they kept their original names and symbolic meanings, (2) they are modified to give some literal representations about Rothschild’s view of the world to come, (3) they all belong to the 22 major arcana in the 78-card deck, (4) they are presented in a sequence different than their natural order (which could be justified by the new narrative, but I believe is more for visual illustration reasons) and (5) two cards are tilted (which could be interpreted more obliquely, but I believe that this too is for visual illustration reasons). Therefore, I will analyze the eight tarot cards in their natural sequence and in vertical position.

01 – The Initiating MAGICIAN – INITIATION – To choose
Uncover the life direction and build a new reality

For more info about the Initiating Magician


The classical tarot card of The Magician is sometimes titled “Le Bateleur” meaning the Street Showman. The Economist Magician has many similarities with the Rider-Waite-Smith classical tarot Magician. (1) He is a standing showman (ready for action), (2) behind a table (ready for magical objects), (3) facing a future audience (his magic show), (4) his right hand (sign of activity as opposed to the left hand receptivity), (5) holding vertically (earth life is linked to the cosmos), (6) a magic wand (supernatural power), (7) his right arm is directed towards the sky and his left arm towards the earth (ability to link the material energy of the earth to the spiritual energy in the sky). (8) He is wearing a red cloak (life energy ready for practical action), (9) with yellow (gold = wealth) neck border and belt, and (10) he has a lemniscate over his head (infinite energy and stamina).

Unlike the classical tarot Magician, the Economist Magician (1) has a yellow sun behind his head (royal ego), (2) with a virtual reality (VR) device over his eyes (virtual reality show), (4) and his left index (receptivity), (5) is over a 3D printer (modern technology), (6) touching the power button (easy activation), (7) producing unlimited housing units (abundant real estate production).

1200x1200-donald-trump-profileThe Economist Magician is a direct metaphor for none other than Donald Trump (“Planet Trump” is the subtitle on the cover). The Showman with a royal ego, a virtual reality show and a real estate  production machine are obvious literal symbols. Donald Trump has no previous political experience, he is like Mickey in Disney episode of “The Apprentice Sorcerer” in Fantasia. In his own reality TV show, Donald Trump was the Master of the “Apprentice”. Today, tables have turned and he is the Apprentice. His Master is Rothschild, who put him in the US President position.

In 2016, I wrote six astro-tarologic articles about Trump and always associated him with the Magician tarot card. I also considered him as an actor and questioned whether that would be enough to qualify him to be President. Yes, Ronald Reagan did it before him. Here are the links for the previous Trump articles: Donald Trump, The Egomaniac We Love To HateWhat Would An Astro Tarologer Tell Donald Trump After His Iowa Defeat? – Donald, Bernie, Ben And The Others Can Donald Trump Fake It All The Way to The Presidency? – Trump Secret Plan: Not Becoming the Next President – Unveiling the Secret Behind Donald Trump Unexpected Victory

09 – The Enlightening HERMIT – ASCENT – To enlighten
Look inside and trust the unknown


The Rider-Waite-Smith classical tarot card of the Hermit shows an introspective (isolation) old man (wisdom) with a long beard (austerity) looking to the left (past) in a long vertical monastic (asceticism) dress (time mastery) standing straight (self-confidence) holding a stick (connection to material earth) in his left hand (receptive) and a lantern (search of light) in his right (active) hand.

  4th Baron Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild

The Hermit of the Economist shows an identical old man, but occupying only a small portion of the image. The rest is mostly representing the hermit world mastery who (1) stands on a rock solid platform of a mountain top (dominating global panorama), (2) overlooking (in a power position), (3) marching groups of people (united in a single military march), (4) in the valley (lower level). (5) In the back there are four (stability) pyramidal mountain tops (esoteric elevation), (6) and several flowing mountains (potential flooding in the valley) (7) during a night sky (dreams), (8) showing the moon (unconscious), (9) and six (harmony) stars (small spotty lights). (10) Under the hermit mountain, there is a lightning (destruction by fire), (11) striking the United States (end of US supremacy). See more info about the US superpower cycle in the article 2010-2025: Our World In Transition. The marching people in the valley are carrying groups flags: (a) TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) blue flag, crossed, (b) TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) red flag, crossed, (c) EU (European Union) blue flag crossed, (d) STOP (attacks against the USA?) red on white flag, (e) NO (no other Brexit?) white on blue flag, (f) a small unreadable red flag, crossed, (g) a small unreadable blue flag, and (h) a very small unreadable red flag. It looks like f, g and h are not specific but only mean “more…”

With those symbols of world political mastery and anti-US Establishment supremacy (lighting over US as well as the three main flags a, b and c), the Hermit of the Economist is nobody else than Rothschild himself with his own world power vision.

10 – The Renewing WHEEL OF FORTUNE – RENEWAL – To accept
Go with the flow of life cycles and seek help of others if needed


The traditional Wheel of Fortune tarot card shows three animals turning head first in an anti-clockwise rotation. The card symbolizes life vicissitudes of successes and failures.

The Economist Wheel of Fortune shows three European political leaders rotating head first in a clockwise rotation. There are two ballot boxes in the bottom, where each contain a voting ticket with a letter “x”, indicating that the “x” can be rigged in favor of any candidate to be selected by whom is holding the handle to rotate the wheel. It is obvious  for Rothschild that the invisible handle decision maker is none other than himself.

The Economist Wheel of Fortune is in line with the Hermit EU crossed flag, meaning that Rothschild is planning to end the EU. The three persons on the Wheel of Fortune are Germany, France and Holland key candidates for the coming 2017 elections: (1) Angela Merkel the incombent candidate for Germany elections to be held somewhere between August 27 and October 22, (2) Marine Le Pen for France elections to be held between April 23 and May 7 and (3) Mark Rutte the incumbent candidate for Holland elections to be held on March 15. The Economist Wheel of Fortune indicates Rothshild plans: (1) Eliminate Angela Merkel (dark cloud with lightning and rotating head down) as the US Establishment candidate, (2) Support Marine Le Pen (sun in the sky and rotating head up), kind of a French Trump, in favor of a Frexit referendum and (3) Wait to see how the Dutch campaign enfolds (emerging new head) and decide between Mark Rutte continued country leadership or Geert Wilders the contested Dutch populist. Note that all three are bound to the Wheel of Fortune meaning that they have no freedom of action and are totally dependent of the decision maker power.

13 – The Rebirthing DEATHREVOLUTION – To eliminate
Destroy what is over and build anew


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of Death with any classical tarot card with the same name. So, let’s observe it from Rothschild perspective. The skeleton in a black (funeral) robe and holding a scythe is the symbol of death. The scenery is a nuclear apocalypse. Everything is dead except the horse with a red (life) harness and two blue flying insects. The fish in the dried out river is either dead or dying, and so are the three plants. The yellow (gold) sky is centered around a radiating red (life) sun while nine small yellow (gold) pieces are found scattered on the desolated land.

With the last minute replacement of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump for the US Presidency, the London City (lead by the Rothschild Dynasty) dethroned the US Establishment (lead by the Bush Dynasty) after a century of supremacy. The power change went from 51/49 to 49/51 and is still very volatile. It is certain that the US Establishment will not give up its centennial supremacy without a fight. They still have the strongest military force in the world and may consider using the nuclear option. With such a scenario there would only be losers. Everyone is very much aware of that and nobody wants a nuclear apocalypse. In this poker game, the winner may die too. I am more inclined to believe that for Rothschild the apocalypse image is a metaphor for the unavoidable world economic and financial collapse, which will be painful but will open the door for a better life on earth.

16 – The Inspiring TOWER – INSPIRATION – To celebrate
Return to solid ground and dance


In certain classical tarot decks, the Tower card is called “Maison-Dieu”, “God’s House”, which in the Economist Tower card is represented by a Christian cross above the door. Above the Tower, the sky has very dark clouds with a huge thunderstorm and powerful lightnings. The Tower explosion symbolizes the Christianity fate in a war of religions. The Tower is spliced in two parts with followers groups on each side. Christianity on the right (the Christ on the cross) and Leninist Communism (the red flag with hammer and sickle) on the left. As Communism was more of a Christianity adversary in the past, I believe that Communism is a politically correct metaphor for today’s Islamism. The Tower is accessed by an angular path (broken access) surrounded by yellow (gold) wavy land (Vatican wealth). There is a note on the door (Vatican City is closed) and some texts and stones (Christianity relics losses) are falling from the exploded Tower. Rothschild vision is that Christianity, as we knew it, will lose its two millenaries superpower.

17 – The Giving STAR – EXPRESSION – To give
Act upon the world and live completely


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of The Star with any classical tarot card with the same name. The image represents 14 big yellow 8-pointed (cardinal perfection) stars (fixed), 10 white small stars (the solar system) and one meteors (mobile shooting star) in a blue sky above a red soils with craters (new planet). Inside each big star, there is a picture of a young unidentified person (youth in general). The 10 white stars imply that the red celestial body is situated outside our solar system. We are in space where youth is shining. The meteor is representing a star in transformation. From Rothschild vision, human race apocalypse on earth will not be final. There will be new life in space after.

20 – The Transforming JUDGMENT – TRANSFORMATION – To be reborn
Welcome the irresistible call of your soul and prepare for a new level of consciousness


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of Judgment with any classical tarot card with the same name. With a crowned globe (world power) in his right hand (active) and a scepter (royal power) in his left hand (receptive), Donald Trump feels like the world Emperor (very much like the Emperor tarot card). However in traditional Emperor card, the Emperor holds the scepter in his right hand and the globe in the left. This indicates that Trump received the world power instead of conquering it. The Judgment card shows Trump dressed in black (funeral), sitting only on the United States and not the world. Hence his vulnerability. Rothschild vision is that Trump is blinded by his narcissistic power and seems to forget who put him there.Trump could be taken out of power if he does not obey Rothschild directions.

21 – The Awakening WORLD – AWAKENING – To triumph
You attained a soul awareness realization, enjoy your life to the utmost


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of The World with any classical tarot card with the same name. The yellow (gold) sun (king of the universe) radiates its rays to the yellow earth continents (material wealth) on which lay three sacred architectures (spiritual wealth): a Greek temple, a Roman temple and an Egyptian pyramid. They are symbolized by a red (life) book (knowledge), a framed artwork (art) and two masks (life as the theater of tragedy and comedy). All three in turn are summarized by a red (life) framed artwork (art) and an open book (science). According to Rothschild vision, the World card represents his philanthropist side in the art and science world.

A Few Closing Words

According to Rothschild views and anticipations of the 2017 world, we are heading towards a dark period of major radical world changes: world economic and financial collapse, end of Christianity and the European Union, in an unpredictable Trump Planet. The eight tarot cards symbolize a paradigm shift of historic proportion. I want to believe that from the destruction, a more just, more humane and more united world will emerge … the Age of Aquarius that anticipates the art and science unity, as it appears in Rothschild ultimate vision of the World card.

As the paradigm shift will happen anyway, here is my single suggestion for Rothschild. “As conflicts only create problems and solve none, why not try love, light and harmony for a change.

In love, light and harmony.

Serge Bernard

Above post at http://astro-tarology.com/news/the-rothschild-code-the-world-in-2017-planet-trump/

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