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ES Morning Update November 22nd 2017

Nothing much to say today gang.  Futures got very overbought yesterday and today they will likely trade sideways to work it off.  It's the day before Thanksgiving on top of that, so I really don't expect anything to happen.  I'd say take the day off and spend it with family.  I expect more of the same on Friday but the chart should be reset enough by then to continue this rally up.  Where it stops I don't know?  We'll have to take it day by day.  But next week I do think we'll see that top, and I'm estimating it to happen on Tuesday the 28th or Wednesday the 29th.  After that I see a move down starting and it should last into mid-December.  Anyway, for today I don't see anything but chop.  Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Author: Red

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