More Manipulation


When will it ever stop?  When Bernanke, Geithner and Obama are kicked out of office I guess?

You know, when I said on Monday that I expected Tuesday and Wednesday to go up because of the POMO money, I never expected such a strong rally.  The government continues to manipulate this market making charting about useless sometimes.

At the end of the day Monday we had a bear flag form, which usually plays out... but not with POMO money the next day.  So now that the money is gone, and Thursday and Friday are left to stand on their own... without government interference, will the market fall?

I just don't know at this point?  They managed to reset most of the shorter term charts to a bullish alignment.  Only the longer term charts are still bearish.  But, with the government controlling the data released this Friday, I just don't know what to expect?  Do they plan to surprise everyone and release numbers that will cause the market to tank, or will they push it up or sideways for another week?

As much as I'd like to stay that it's going to tank on Friday, deep down I know that "they" have the ability to keep it up for a long as they want too.  It seems they have an unlimited supply of Viagra, and nothing is going to stop them from continuing to push it up higher.

It really gets too me when so many traders are losing money on what should be a "simple trade", that is manipulated by the gangsters at the Federal Reserve to steal their money.  There is just NO logical reasoning for the rally we had yesterday and today.  It's 100% manipulation!

So just how do you play it?  You can't go long at this point, as I truly believe this rally is now 99% done... and who's crazy enough to try and play that last 1%?  When this thing finally rolls over, it's going to wipe out a months' worth of gains in one or two days... just like the flash crash did!

I don't know what else to say other then to expect some "event" to happen soon, which will be blamed for the coming crash.  I don't know "when", as they seem to be able to push a string up hill successfully... a feat that I've never seen done.  But, they are in the driver's seat right now, and it's going to crash when they are ready.

Maybe it will start this Friday as I expected, with the non-farm payroll report (or something else?), or maybe they push it out to next week, but everything tells me it's coming this month.  Those larger time frame charts, like the weekly and daily, are much harder to reset then the 60, 30, 15, 10, and 5 minute charts.

Could they do it?  Yeah, they could I guess... after all, Goldman Sachs is doing "God's Work".  So printing more monopoly money, and manipulating the market for another week, month, year, or forever is totally possible with God on your side.

Sorry gang, I'm just working off some steam writing tonight.  I'm just sick of this manipulation.  I just want to have all the gangsters lined up and shot, as they are destroying America!  Every dollar I have in my pocket is now worth about 50% less then it was just 3-5 years ago.

You can't find any combo meal at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc... for $5 bucks or less anymore.  It's about $8-$10 dollars for anything worth buying.  It's all because of the government banksters/gangsters manipulating the dollar down.

On top of that, my electric company just increased the electric bill 12%!  My bill was $360.00 last month, and now they are raising it another 12% on top that!  It was only about $250.00 as little as 3 years ago... man that ticks me off!  I just need a place to vent out my frustrations, so this blog is about the only place I can do it.

Beating my head on the wall hurts too much, so I'll leave that to the younger and dumber males out there.  I'll just sit back and enjoy this cheap beer, and let my finger type out my anger about life right now.  Besides, it's a lot less painful then beating on something... LOL

Ok, back to the markets...

The weekly, daily and 60 minute charts are ready to roll over, but the 30 and 15 minute chart are ready to go up... which would fulfill the bull flag left on the charts today.  That means another push up in the morning from those shorter time frame charts would be attempted.

But, the longer term charts, which are more powerful, should put enough downward pressure to stop an large move up... especially since we don't have anymore POMO money tomorrow.  Now, once the 30 and 15 go positive and get overbought (which should be the first half of the day) the rest of the day could have some selling?  I say "could", because the gangsters can work off the charts if they want too?

I just don't know what they have planned?  If they have this Friday planned as the start of the crash, then it will certainly surprise about every bear out there.  I have too admit that even I'm starting to believe that it will never come, as the manipulation is just too great to over come.

It seems that no about of negative news, negative divergence, overbought charts, extremely bullish sentiment, or (insert whatever here) will bring this market down.  It's a zombie bull... somebody shoot it in the head!

That's enough rambling gang, good luck to everyone...



  1. Red,
    I am bullish! Bullish I say! bullish for the Quant Spider Bots at least.

    we could still do another 6% or 8% up from here, or a frog boil with occasional ramp until elections, which could be even more, and then a push to year end so the poor little banksters and HBB pimps can get their needful deserts.

    Or we could tank like a sun-a-gun on the new moon….hmmmm when is that.

    The currency games are getting large.

  2. America is becoming a 3 world country… Incredible. I think is on purpose they are doing this. They are Robbing america, wash the money on the markets and then when america colapse that will cover their trails… Incredible. Good luck americans, you will need it.

  3. The sad part is I don’t know how many people recognize what is going on. If I post these articles on facebook – my friends all say quit being so gloomy – we want to here about some inane trip you had to the museum!

    WTF – don’t these people understand what’s going on?

  4. I think we need to revisit those after flash crash highs before the drop. Watch 116.16- 117.45 level reached May 10-12

  5. Well, the market has gone to sleep again. But, it’s a perfect time to tank it tomorrow on the non-farm payroll numbers. Will it happen? Probably not. I’m just dreaming of a “free market”, where technical analysis, elliottwave, fib’s, and support and resistance actually worked.

    But I guess that’s only on planet Alice, as there’s certainly not any wonderland here on planet earth. Maybe I should email TheChartPatternTrader and see if he’s got some extra Mud, as I’m probably going to need it tomorrow.


  6. abhufd aksjhfda fskjahas falskjfnfa

    Thats me banging my head on the keyboard im about ready to throw the towel in.Everything i have learn seems to be wrong.Nothing makes any more sense and the worst part is that i know who to blame but cant do shit about it.Feds have won big time they have close to nuked every bear there is out there in the free market and scared the rest into hiding in some deep hole.Traders on the floor know that retails like us are right but at the wrong time however when they dont even know what to make of anything anymore god help us all.Crash ,correction end of free market .Personally i dont think anyone will disagree that the ones that will tell you when to jump and how high are the Feds.Will it crash short answer is ( YES when they feel like it ).One person saying its gonna crash is termed a mad man,when two say it things become slightly believable,when everyone says it then it becomes the truth however we are witnessing an act of GOD….Feds .I will still stick to my saying that trading is nothing more then a transfer of money from losers to winners as it stands i have a question which is if everyone is winning right now who the hell is losing??????

  7. Forget to mention the fact (dam i wished i could lend money to myself) and if i run out hmmmmmmm lets seee i will just print more to lend myself MORE money weeeeeeeee.

  8. hahahah here is the trick you lend money from yourself and send the IOU to yourself and later on decide on what interest rate you feel like paying YOURSELF ….if any and the icing on the cake will be if everything goes south point your finger at someone else and blame them before they have a chance to blame you.

  9. HAHAHAH shhhhhhhhhhh careful they hear you you do know they own the country and what you have just said can be considered blasphemy against our ALL POWERFUL GOD.

  10. Well with that out of my system lets do a fast recap on todays action. I’m using a 5 min chart so please excuse me if i miss anything out on longer timeframes one more thing to take note is that im focusing on the DJ30 futures so thats the price im talking about.

    Opening market was moving in a sideways action with asia side shorting in early trading before stabilizing and returning to the markets closing price of around 10900.

    In the pre market trading sessions we saw a big rally up to test a new high of 10973 before stumbling into the current price right now at 10848.

    Will this be the start of the correction run we have all been hoping for before tomorrows news i sure as hell hope so at least this looks like a sane market.With 3 hours to the close i just wonder if the bulls can bring it back to the opens price but personally i sure hope the bulls fall hit the ground and get a heartattack.

  11. I would not consider them FP’s because they are well within the daily range so most likely just a late fill.

  12. Not that bear flags work anymore (only bull flags are allowed), but we are carving one out right now. However, I doubt if it’s going to break the rising trendline (coming in around 1140 right now) that forms the channel the market is in now… even if it does play out.

  13. I’m beginning to hate Apple! It’s the most over hyped stock out there. Sure, their products are great… but they cost twice as much! I can’t see how the consumer can afford them.

  14. Hahahah but they do make nice phones which people dont ( NEED ) but ( WANT ) thats one hell of a way to capture the market.

  15. Well… looks like nothing is happening! Traders don’t seem too be fearful of the Non-Farm Payroll report tomorrow. So, I guess it’s going to be a non-event. We’ll see tomorrow morning, but it’s not looking good for a sell off tomorrow. Bummer…

  16. AA easily “beat” estimates at 9c, what a load of crap. What a pump job. That is, after they cut estimated earnings from 17c to 6c. It’s not even worth it studying the market. Just buy when the Fed and the media decide to pump. And sell when they change their minds.

  17. AAII bulls at 49%. I would say that today was an uneventful day but crude oil had a pretty large sized key reversal and euro to a lesser effect. It was reported a few days ago that a flood of money has been going into emerging market debt and it was estimated that money Doubled in the third quarter from the previous year to date inflows. Thats a sign of a mania that is about to pop. A major bottom for the dollar should be imminent. Investors are chasing yield and think they are getting an extra benefit from rising foreign currencies.

  18. It’s beginning to look like they don’t really care, actually. The employment numbers can say we lost 30 million jobs in September and the Dow would rally 290 points on “cost cutting”.

  19. Phil’s stock world:
    XLK – Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF – A massive debit put spread utilizing a total of 224,000 contracts on the Technology fund went through electronically this afternoon just after 2:00 pm in New York trading

  20. Excellent video yesterday Red, couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m a swing trader and have been 100% short since July and am getting illegally robbed by the Fed-PPT-Government, and its absolutely sickening. I’m down between 15-50% on my various positions. Never thought I’d be getting screwed like this in a fixed game. Hoping they stop this and let the market drop. In my opinion fair value for the S&P 500 would be about 650 right now, not 1200!

  21. Well, looks like unemployment is going to be reported tomorrow at 10.1%. Maybe Red Dragon will get an early Christmas afterall

  22. Opps, I was mislead by it being Gallup that reported 10.1%. Bet the Govt report will fudge it downwards.

  23. ‘Bout to mention that. There’s a time lag between Gallup and the govt survey. However, the govt would have to outright lie to NOT show more than a 0.1% increase.

    The Gallup spread is 0.8% from August (9.3%) to September (10.1%). I would imagine the govt will adjust it for “seasonal factors” and manage to give yet another rosy outlook. It would be almost comical to see the unemployment rate go down.

  24. Big put volume on S&P at the close…all of us of bludgeoned faith…whether or not tomorrow is when it starts…move your selector to “fire” and watch your lane…

  25. I totally agree with that because those with the wallets have been pushing the market that way, and I think that is a distinct possibility, or even a probability.
    However, the markets need to return to sanity some time, and if it’s not tomorrow, it’s very soon. Big put volume on S&P on the close today (actually after the close) and both oil AND gold down on the day comparably. Oil seems to lead the overall markets both upward and downward, recently.
    If enough money sees these signs, a return to sanity could occur sooner than later.

  26. It looks like it is lining up for tomorrow. From Cramer Codes/Social Network Codes to time cycles to some astro stuff and reversals in the gold,crude and dollar today. 6×67 trading days tomorrow from the 3-6-9 low plus 2–58 trading days cycles from the April high. There is an astro event tomorrow that has happened since March 6 2009. It will also be 157 calendar days from the flash crash low. (sept 30 when tech topped was 157 days from April high). The first time displayed in Social Network was 10:57pm (when there was no reason for times to be shown on the screen). 157 is a number with a deeper meaning and I saw it somewhere today during my astro research.

  27. When traditional T/A doesn’t work, it’s time to take….the RED PILL. From Half Past Human’s June 21, 2010 web bot report, we read: “The data sets indicate that the Summer and Fall of 2010 will be seen in hindsight as THE crescendo peak of the Zionist banking empire structure on the planet.” And this one, “…the shorter term data sets point to the Summer as being the absolute last peak in the markets structure while Fall (2010) is described as being three months of vomiting.”

    From the August 15, 2010 web bot report, we read: “By the time the longer term data sets forecast linguistics will begin to emerge in early to mid December, 2010, the…view…suggests that the great crash of the American financial empire will have occurred.” And this one, “The…languages suggests that before the American elections in November, there had been at least three unhinging episodes which had produced the retching/puking/nausea….” Lastly, we read, “Without regard to how it comes about, the Markets entity has data sets forecasting language…about the historic loss of money in 2010 due to…markets devastation.”

    On a side note, as I mentioned last week, Michael Jenkins at Stock Cycles Forecast believes the market top was either going to be last week near 1150 or by this Friday (Oct. 8, 2010) near 1161 -1163. Apparently his T/A was working, LOL!

    By the way, on a personal note, for over a year I have been seeing ‘visions’ if you will of a major correction (like we had in April) followed by a final rally into the early Fall. As this last run-up from late August to early October unfolded, it matched almost perfectly what I had been “seeing” as to the final stock market rally. After that pattern, my “vision” was a 1987 style collapse. All but one of the pieces seem to have fallen into place. Time will tell if the last piece of the puzzle (i.e. market collapse) fits.

    Lastly, as a contrarr indicator, look at how many bears have now been slaughtered by the rally and how many people believe the market will continue to rally to year’s end despite the true economic reality.

    Best to luck to all of us!!!

  28. The whole QE2 thing is nonsense, or should I say, the market reaction to it. QE2 would be an admission that QE1 failed, and that’s somehow bullish? And that somehow means QE2 will succeed?

    What’s the definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well, my friends, this nation has gone INSANE.

  29. Can I say this?
    I’m reading the comments here….
    I’m somewhat of a earnings expert…
    SPY 500 has the earnings, to push the DOW to 11,800, so quit your crying / grinning or is it wincing? when the DOW goes up….
    Just be ready to play…..

  30. I’d buy it if…. The dividend doesn’t have much chance of being cut. If the dip is because of income or revenue fears, I wouldn’t touch it with a 39-1/2 foot pole! If it’s just a stock correction (or irrational fear), and company fundamentals haven’t changed, it might be worth buying on the dip!


  31. Well gang,

    I guess I’m eating mud today. No crash, not even a 10-20 point drop… just nothing! The manipulation is so frustrating that the charts are just worthless.

    Everything in the charts said that we should have tanked hard this week, yet the gangsters have managed to reset the charts and work off the bearishness of them.

    It really makes it hard to trade… especially options. And as for going long, and riding the gangsters free money train… sorry, I just can bring myself to do it.

    But, we are still very overbought on the daily and weekly charts, so we should still have a nice correction coming. When? Well, next week is opx, and opx weeks are generally bullish… but not always.

    So, maybe we’ll still get the correction next week? (Finger’s crossed here… LOL)

  32. Charts are starting to look like the weeks before the flash crash. Maybe their strategy is to push the market until it breaks, over and over again, for as long as they can.

    Apparently the Fed is using today to test their new Dow cruise control. I bet Ben and his buddies are having a great time, standing around Ben’s computer, telling each other, “OK, your turn to pump the market! Press the button! Yeah!”

    Then his staffer runs in, “Dr. Bernanke, but wholesale commodity prices are up over 12% the last week. Do you think this is wise?”

    “Shut up you! You wanna risk your job at a time like this?”

  33. That’s called strategic default. Pay off credit cards, cause you’ll need them soon. Forget mort payment, pay off all else. Then you’ll have spare cash, so you can stimulate the economy! People are living in their homes rent(mortgage)-free for 12, 18, 24 months! Get a $1000 lawyer and you can extend that for 6 months easy!

  34. Loved that move in DAG today. Nice chart and Dollar will continue to freefall thanks to Fed. All the crooks get together this weekend to discuss their currencies. Buy everything……………

  35. Well, some of this stuff I saw elsewhere on the blogosphere and took it a step furthur. But I think I would have come up with 67×6 on my own. The real key date is 10-10. That’s the one they have been prominently displaying as a variant of 1064 or 24 (6×4) or 8-8 etc. but it’s not a trading date. But it must be of some astro significance for the insiders. 10-10-10. I heard a promo for the Sex Pistols guitarists’ new radio show and he announced it ominously starting on the 10th day of the 10month of the 10th year.

  36. Today set up even better divergences. 15 min rsi was really overextended earlier in the week. Apple might have made a slightly higher high but it did make a closing high. Crude oil and euro did not reverse their reversals from yesterday and I think it will be difficult for crude to reverse its key reversal from yesterday. Euro could use some divergences. $vix tagged its lower BB. Today looks like a mini 5 wave off of last weeks lows.

  37. MAR, ran into some earnings guidance problems..They still went up today. I’m shorting at 37…I guess MAR could be considered retail…they rent rooms to the consumers.

  38. The middle chart is GLD/SLV. You can see this is an excellent indicator, when this ratio is at a bottom, the market usually tanks, within 3 to 5 days, but sometimes immediately. The trick is figuring out when the bottom is.

    This top chart is SPY/VIX I plotted it just to see if any interesting effects came up….none really

    The Bottom chart is SPX, the S&P 500, follow each purple line from the GLD/SLV bottoms. Amazing methinks. The two highlighted candle patterns are similar, the first one started the Head of the infamous 2009 Head and Shoulders Bear trap. The second one is NOW.

    And finally, a boatload of other charts for your free consumption.

    Like this stuff? Sign up as a follower and then follow on your Google reader.

  39. Nice post Al…

    Very non-biased, which I must admit… is sometimes hard for me to do, and a lot of other folks too. Thanks for stopping by too.


    P.S. I also added you to my blogroll. Should have done it long ago, but forgot. Sorry.

    P.S.S. Let’s not forget that the gangsters inside the Bilderberg group stated that they plan to raise the price of oil to where gasoline cost $4.00 again at the pump. It’s about $2.69 right now here in Florida. There planned date was November.

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