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Chaos erupts on GOP convention floor as anti-Trump delegates make final move

CLEVELAND — The Republican National Convention was thrown into disarray Monday as delegates opposing Donald Trump made their final stand.

The Colorado delegation walked out of the GOP convention floor after delegates seeking a roll-call vote to change the rules were denied.

At around 4 p.m. ET, the convention's rules were put up for a vote, and the Stop Trump movement wanted to force a roll-call vote to try and change the rules so they could come up with a new nominee.

However, the party passed the rules with a voice vote.

Ken Cuccianelli, the former Virginia attorney general and a leader in the movement to stop Trump's nomination, told MSNBC "this is infuriating to watch."

"Here we've got [the] RNC trampling over their own grassroots delegates, and for most of us here, this is about getting good grassroots rules and getting a voice in the vote," he said. "They cheated."

This is just another source of tension surrounding the RNC.

Outside of the convention, there are several anti-Trump protests expected throughout the week, with some already taking place Monday.

The city of Cleveland was awarded a $50 million federal grant for security during the convention.

That said, Monday's defeat of the anti-Trump movement's last-ditch effort clears the path for the business magnate to be the GOP standard bearer.

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