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ES Morning Update December 27th 2017

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and didn't put on 4 extra pounds like I did... LOL.  This week I'm not expecting much as we still have the New Years Day holiday yet to come and many traders just take off the entire period.  I will say that chartwise the bulls have been busy getting the MACD's and Histogram bars on various time frames into neutral or oversold territory.  But of course the actual price of the ES and SPX has been sideways while this has been going on.  So, it's looking more and more likely that we'll get another move up into early January as this week appears to be the "reset the charts" move the bulls are playing.

What I'm looking for here is more of the same as yesterday with every day this week having a slightly green or slightly red close... basically a flat day.  Today appears more likely to close green as the short term charts are looking about ready to curl back up, so a move up of some degree is most likely.  But I think tomorrow and possibly Friday that move up could roll back down and give us some slightly red days to end this week.  This would be wise by the bulls as the first move up would establish the low on the Histogram bars and the rollover to dip slightly lower on the price would probably put in the "higher low" on the bars, which would setup a nice positive divergence on them for the first week of January.

Ok, that's my thoughts on the market and he's my thoughts on what's going on for the bigger picture.  I've been reading up on some of the things Trump has been doing behind the scenes (of course it's not being talked about on the main stream media [MSM]) and it's all been extremely good.  I'm not sure how many of you are noticing but there has been tons of high rank officials and leaders of huge companies that are "stepping down" from their positions.  This is NO Accident as they are being forced out by Trump due to their involvement in either the pedophile ring, corruption, fraud and money laundering... or both.  They are making up all kinds of excuses on the MSM but the real reason is that they are running scared.  Trump is keeping up on his promises but the MSM won't cover those stories.  He has the military completely on his side as well as the NSA and NASA.

They are going after the corruption and pedophile ring in the CIA and FBI and very few even know about it.  He's been seizing assets of various people and companies that have been involved in this evil group.  Apparently they have already tried to kill him several times but he keeps moving around and has the protection of the military so they keep failing.  This president is doing what I've wanted to do for the last 8 years and I'm super happy he's succeeding.  For you "old time" followers of my blog you know I used too rail against the Illuminati satan worshipping pigs all the time.

They are pure evil and have been abducting children for a very long time, who are raped and then sacrificed in rituals and even eaten by these sicko's.  Trump is going after them and they are running like the scared wussies they are.  This is very likely the reason he uses Twitter to get his message out to the public as he knows the MSM will spin his words as they hate him and won't report the truth.  We'll see more and more of the media pedo's, lairs and criminals leaving to in the future I think.

Anyway, as far as how this effects the stock market I think it's all good as while we could still see a pullback or correction in 2018 all the money being brought back into the country should keep this bull market going for much longer then we think is possible.  So as much as I'm a bear at heart I really don't want to see another great depression happen, which I think would have if Hillary would have been elected.

Sure, I'd love to catch a quick flash crash on both the downside and the rip back up that would follow but a depression is back for everyone and I'd really like to avoid it.  Anyway, it's yet to be seen what will happen in January but the first week is setting up on a technical basis to be positive.  How the rest of the month unfolds is unknown right now.  Overall if Trump can continue to run the wolves out of the sheep pin, and I hope he can, then 2018 could be another good year for the bulls... and I'll be happy to go long with them if this happens as it's much easier to follow the bulls then the bears.

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