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High Odds That The Next Stock Market Crash Happens On This Date

That's right, the next stock market crash could be on November 11th, 2018!

But before I explain why I want to throw in a follow up post to the most recent one I just did about Doug Kass liquidating all his long holding is the stock market.  It came today in an email I got.

Here's a quote from a newsletter message I received today...

Start Quote...

The world's largest hedge fund has been preaching caution for months... and now, time is running out.

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates - the largest hedge fund in the world - previously told The Wall Street Journal that some of the factors fueling increasing prices could potentially exhaust financial development in the upcoming years.

And in a recent message issued to their clients, the firm delivered this warning message: "2019 is setting up to be a dangerous period for the economy... for investors, the danger is already here."

Even Bloomberg has warned that our nation is barreling toward something that could be even more devastating than the Great Recession.

This time, though, it's more than just a housing or credit bubble about to burst.

End Quote...

Here's some of what they said in the link to a website in the email.  (Note: They are of course trying to sell something but that's not what I'm interested it).

Start Quote...

On the morning of October 29, 1929, the Opening Bell of the New York Stock Exchange was drowned out beneath the shouts of panicked traders.

“Sell, sell, sell!” they screamed.

As the day wore on, the Dow tumbled by 11 points…

Then by 23 points…

Then by 48 points.

By the close of the markets at 3 p.m., more than $319 billion worth of the American economy had simply evaporated.

Investors lost their life savings. Rumors of brokers jumping from the windows of New York skyscrapers spread across Wall Street.

And that day – known as Black Tuesday – would be forever marked as the moment the United States began its slide into the Great Depression.

Historians still look back on the crash of 1929 and ask themselves, “Could it have been predicted? Could it have been avoided?”

End Quote...

Back to my forecast...

I went over the reason briefly of why I think November 11th, 2018 is the next crash date in a post I did early today, and you can read it here:

And as I mentioned above the date of November 11th, 2018 as the most likely crash date I want to cover the reasons why I think that... and it has to do with ritual number codes!

First you see that 11-11-11 adds up to "33".  And you probably know that 33 is the number of the Free Masons, as in "33rd degree".  I'll let you do your own research on them and the importance of the number "33", but if you go back to the first great depression you'll find something interesting the "numbers" of the date as it too added up to "33" just like this coming November date does.

Coincidence? Maybe... Maybe NOT

The date that the big crash happened was October 29th, 1929... which is 10-29-1929, and that is (1+0)+(2+9)+(1+9+2+9), and that makes "33" again.  See how important the number is to those that control the market?  It's really about the number "11", and multiples of it.  So "22", "33", "666", etc... are the ritual numbers.  Also the number 23 and 322 as that is the number for the "Skull and Bones" cult organization.

It's not always obvious to the untrained eye but the clues are given for everyone to see... it's just that most aren't trained to see them.  For example, let's look at the 1987 stock market crash.  It happened on October 19th, 1987... so that's 10-19-1987, which is (1+0)+(1+9)+(1+9+8+7), or 36.  What is 3 "Sixes" (666)?  Again, not obvious to all, but it is to those looking.

The more important clue was given on the day the market topped that year, but not on the DOW.  It was given on the SPX at that time.  The "clue" was first put out on August 24th, 1987 and again the next day where the market put in its final high before the crash.  On the 24th the SPX opened at 333.33 and went up a few points and down a few points but closed out at 333.33 exactly... which was the signal to the insiders.

It opened the following day again at 333.33 went up a little higher and closed a few points higher as well.  It did one more day closing over the 333.33 level, but by the 27th it closed below that ritual code.  So at that point everyone that was "in the club" knew the high was "in" and the crash was coming later that year.

Next lets look at the 2008 crash.  The top came on October 11th, 2007... which really only has the number "11" in the day of the month that stands out, so it's not as strong as the 1929 ritual number codes, so it's hard too have known back then if that was a code for "the top is in" or not.  I'm probably just not seeing it as I'm not one of the insiders, therefore I have to guess.

But the low that came in the market was a very obvious ritual number.  Even the date of the low could be used as "double conformation" that the low was "in".  That day was March 6th, 2009.  March is the 3rd month so that's (0+3)+(0+6)+(2+0+0+9) or 20, which breaks down to a 2.  Now that clue isn't an obvious one but when you see that the low price on that day for the SPX was 666 you have your first code (666.79 to be exact but I dropped the .79 due to the "in your face" 666 code).  Everyone knows that the "mark of the beast" number of 666 is used to represent satan.

Now I'll look at the date closer.  It's got a 3 in it, a 6 for the day of the month and an "11" for the year (2+0+0+9=11).  What is 3 "Sixes" again?  You guessed it... 666!  Then the 11 for the year is their master number as ever other number is a multiple of "eleven".

I agree that you have to play with the numbers a little on that one but since you already have the first conformation with the price low of 666 you can find another 666 in the date.  (NOTE: I didn't cover the actual 2008 crash date as it didn't really have one big drop day that would be called the "crash day".  So I just focused on top date and the bottom date).

On the 1999 top of the dotcom bubble and crash that followed we again didn't really see one certain day that would have been called the "crash day", so we have to examine other clues in the numbers... which I've done many times but I've not been able to find anything that "stands out" on the DOW, SPX, or the NASDAQ (which had the largest drop).  So maybe there's some clues I'm not seeing the top date or bottom date?

On another thought... possibly "they" only put out ritual codes on very important tops and crashes that follow?  After all the 1999 top to the 2002 bottom wasn't exactly one big drop.  It was just a steady move lower over those 3 years.  The only obvious date that stands out as an "insider job" was the attack on 911, but we'll skip that in this post.

There's no way to be 100% sure that a crash is coming this November 11th, 2018 but with the mid-term elections just a few days prior to it and the FP (Fake Print) I posted on the previous post I did today (about Doug Kass), which showed a high of 293.90 on the SPY, I have to think that "if" we hit that target by mid-October and rollover into the end of the month... then rally into the elections for a "lower high", I'd be watching closely on November 11th.


P.S.  I'm probably crazy and "ritual numbers" don't really exist in the stock market... as this "777" is another coincidence I'm sure.

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