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ES Morning Update July 26th 2018-FaceBook Becomes CrashBook


WOW! What an exciting last half hour yesterday. I'm stunned, surprised, but shocked as this kind of manipulation has been going on for decades. The media is controlled by the crooks that steal money from the sheep, so does really surprise you when the media releases some positive news timed perfectly near a top in the market, and at the last half hour of the day? It shouldn't as it's planned that way on purpose to squeeze out the bears and trap the bulls before the market turns back down. Then afterhours the news becomes negative and the market sells off when no sheep can get out. This has been done hundreds of times over the past decades. All the bad news is timed out to be released right when the market has topped.

Then there's Facebook... whoa! Not sure what to say there other then to start calling it Crashbook now. I think keep this post short this morning as I try to figure out what all this means? The ES Futures didn't get hit that hard like the Nasdaq did so I'm not sure if this means the top is in for awhile or not? Certainly could be for the Nasdaq, and the Russell may have topped early this week already. It's hard to say what's going to happen now as it looks like the powers that be are holding the market in place for now. I guess they don't want to take blame for their planned fake news release to run the stops on the bears. Maybe they want to take it higher? I'm really just not sure at this point. It looks like a blow off top, smells like a blow off top, so it must be a blow off top... right? LOL. If only it was as easy as that. Anyway, that's all for today. Sorry, I just can't find the words this morning.

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